Changing an iTunes account from U.S. to Germany

Experiences transferring the settings and billing

I always used iTunes in USA but now since I've moved to Germany I've kept my billing account info to be for USA and using my USA credit card. BUT - I would like to change this to use my new German credit card and use euros, etc.. because I want to cut up my USA credit card and not have to use it anymore because it's a pain to transfer money to my US bank and pay it off.

Has anyone else made a similar change in iTunes? Can we buy these TV shows and movies if we change our Country setting to Germany? That's my biggest concern - I do not want to lose access to all of that stuff.

nope you can only get music in german iTunes. I would keep up the U.S. account if I were you, however I am running a canadian account to get cheap songs, I would like to access the u.s. store to get movies and such. It would be nice.
I have a U.S. visa card and use a U.S. basd Itune's account and enjoy the exchange rate.
Another option is simply to buy US iTunes gift cards. If you have a friend back home, just send them some money to buy some and have them email you the code on the back. Much less expensive than paying credit card fees.
Besides .99 US Cents is cheaper per song than .99 EUR Cents.. or more for the higher quality ones.
Yeah I think when I go visit USA I will buy a few iTunes cards with my German visa card. That's a good deal!
another ting for the missus to buy before she gets back.
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