Costs of living for a family in/near Wiesbaden

Salaries and budgeting for rent, food, costs, etc.

Our family is looking at relocating from the United States midwest (so not a high cost of living area) to just outside the Wiesbaden area. We have 4 children, so need more room and it costs more to feed them. We are trying to figure out a reasonable budget. Can anyone help with their opinion about what it would cost for these catagories? We found a house that looks nice with a large yard for 1,800E a month for 260 square meters

Is this a reasonable budget for living just outside the Wiesbaden area:

Rent 1,800E a month

Utilites 500E a month for a 260 square meter house

Lease a car, gas, insurance 580E a month

Food 1,200E a month. We have 4 children and 2 of them eat as much as an adult. They all also like to eat a lot of meat and vegetables. I think meat is expensive in Germany? It would also be nice to eat in a restaurant 2 or 3 times a month.

Are these good amounts, or would you change any of them? Am I missing any large area to budget for in Germany? It is difficult to know without living there. Thank you for all your time and help.
based on experience of Munich your figures look reasonable, so I guess they will definitely cover Wiesbaden ok (Munich is generally seen as the most expensive part of Germany)

Health insurance could be a cost to budget for depending on if it is covered by work or not
I think your car budget is a bit low if it includes petrol (think EUR 1.40 per litre which is more than 7 dollars a gallon which for example at 8 litres per 100km and 1500 km per month would be close to 170 eur). your utilities budget might be on the high side unless you meant it to include all maintenance ("nebenkosten")
I live in Wiesbaden but i live on my own so i have no idea what houses cost, only flats really. What i do know is that Wiesbaden is quite a sought after area for large houses, because it is a pretty, affluent city within commutable distance to Frankfurt (so a lot of the bankers with families live here and commute).

To keep costs down, you will definitely find something cheaper if you live outside the city limits or in one of the outer suburbs.

Other than that i think you have probably underestimated the cost of a car by about EUR 100 per month. If you are American I guess you are used to owning a big lease an SUV or luxury saloon is not cheap! Plus needless to say petrol prices are a lot higher here (EUR 1.40 per litre).
I agree with above that your utils look high and Auto looks low. Depends on how much driving you'll do. The older kids should be able to take a lot of public transportation around town. The food bill looks high to me, but then again I run a fairly thrifty kitchen.
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