Shipping stuff from the U.S. to Germany

Methods, removals companies, costs, etc.

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When I moved over here with Frau Indoors, we brought all that we could carry on the plane. Large rolling bags for under the plane and full amount of carry-ons. Weight limits were almost reached.
Taxi is needed at both ends if you are doing it alone. You also can look into flying over with extra bags that you pay for. Some small fee like 50$ or 75$ is much better than trying to ship it. Plus if you are really cute customs might leave you alone!
Then put your stuff in storage or with a friend, bring back the empty bags, and do it all again.

-Of course it only goes for packable stuff. Good luck with everything else.
I had a good experience with Shipco Transport when I shipped things from Chicago to Rotterdam, NL. They handle worldwide LCL (Less than Container Load) transport. In my case, I had to load / pack the pallet and bring it to a distribution center myself.

I don't know if they have offices / locations in or near Munich, though.
We shipped our stuff from Salt Lake City to Munich using Cargo-link International (which is a British company). Cargo-link is affiliated with Air Truck here in Munich. We shipped about 300 lbs of stuff for about $400, which was the best price we could find. I don't know about how prices would be going the other way. Good luck.

I am moving to Munich from Brooklyn in a few weeks, and I am wondering what the cheapest way is to send stuff over... If you can recommend a really cheap way to ship stuff, I would greatly appreciate it. I hear that sharing a shipping compartment with others is cheaper. Thanks so much!
We used UPakWeShip to ship from DC to Germany. We didn't bring any furniture, had about 130 gross cubic feet, which cost about $1200. The price included delivery to our destination address. Their website is crap, but they had excellent customer service and not one thing was damaged upon arrival.
my friends shared a container when they moved here from chicago last year. not sure what company they used, but several things were damaged (armchair ripped, etc.). they were really mad. so this is a general piece of advice: if you can, try to be the last one in, first one out of the crate. you'll get your stuff faster and there will be less chance of it being trashed.
My move is presenting a logistical nightmare and the shipping companys here don't know anything..
Can anyone recommend a reputable shipping company which offers door-to-door service from the USA?
You don't say where in the States you're moving from but there should be some international movers (relatively) near you.

We used Interdean when we moved from NYC to Switzerland some years ago. We were very happy with the service but I don't know whether they are still as reliable.
I shipped a pallet of stuff from the US to Germany, I picked up at Hamburg port...I had about 200 kilos of stuff on a pallet.
I went with John Steer in the US and then for Germany Customs Clearance I used Streck Transport in Germany...Price all depends on what you are shipping, I found them both reasonable. If I am correct John Steer will do door to door service but the price is higher for that.

I will say having worked for a container line company at a port, unless the container and crates/pallets are packed right there will be damage to the cargo. Those ships go through some heavy weather sometimes and it is your responsibility to properly make sure the cargo is secure.
We used UPakWeShip to ship from DC to Germany. We didn't bring any furniture, had about 130 gross cubic feet, which cost about $1200. The price included delivery to our destination address. Their website is crap, but they had excellent customer service and not one thing was damaged upon arrival.
Thanks to all for the helpful advice!
I have contacted UpakWeShip for the move. The quote is reasonable, ($1,400 for 100 cu ft.) and includes door-to-door service with crating.

Their website is kludge and they have no online forms, you must print out ms-word docs and fax back.
Still, the customer service has been first rate and they assure me my items will arrive in good order in 4-6 weeks.
Most if not all Int. boat shipping is done by weight and/or square ft. There are a few people here who have shipped 20ft containers of
stuff between the US and germany and they could prob. give you a better price of what it cost, but budget for 3000 USD to ship a 20 ft
container. Thats just shipping, it doesn't include Import fees, Broker fees, Taxes, or Insurance..
First figure out how much you are sending...One you have an exact idea contact a broker. I used John Steer...there are many like that out there. The price ranges like Darknight says due to the actual shipping of cargo, customs clearance fees and documentation fees on both sides as well as transportation to the ports/warehouses if needed.
Hi. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section of the site. I'm moving to Berlin in February and am planning on shipping recording equipment and musical gear from San Francisco, CA to Berlin, Germany. I wondered if anyone knew of a good shipping company. I'm looking into EuroUSA - they seem to have a pretty good rate - $350 for 1 cubic meter of stuff. Thanks for the advice. Happy Holidays!

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You may want to check prices with BAX Global. I shipped a marimba from NY to Berlin. The cost was a bit high (almost 600 Euro) but they are dependable.
Germany Bound
In about six months I will be moving to Germany to be with my fiancee. However, I am not sure how to go about shipping things to Germany.

I realize that I am not going to be able to take a lot of my things. So, I am planning on selling all the furniture and several little things that I do not mind ever seeing again. Of course there are a few things that I do not need but want to keep... those will go to my parents. Thank goodness for parents...

But my main dilemma will be shipping clothes, some books, and other items. I was wondering how one would go about finding a shipping company that is inexpensive. I think it will be mostly clothes...

If anyone has ideas or has been through this... please help me. I am really clueless when it comes to this.


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hi ,

i googled...found this. when i came last year i managed to fit everything into 5 suitcases. had to pay for the extra cases and for the overweight but was much cheaper than shipping stuff. hope this helps. google is a wonderful tool. you can find anything...and there are a lot more sites than just this one.

good luck.
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