Areas of Munich with larger Muslim populations

Advice on choosing which district to live in

Hi All,

I am from South Africa, and going to be living in Munich pretty soon, October 2007.

I am a muslim, and would love to live in an area where there are other muslims ( Hallal meat, mosques, etc), amongst the reasons why.

I have tried searching the net for info, but any sites that I do find with info, are in German. The german lessons only starting next month. ADMINHIDE-->
dood edit your post - unless you've got a nice DeLorean October 2006 will be difficult to make.
Your best bet for Halal food is the "Turkish quarter" south of Hauptbahnhof, but there are small Turkish grocery shops and fast food outlets all over town. I would assume that their food is generally Halal.
I live in Laim, and there seems to be alot of Muslims living in my neighborhood. Sorry I can't be more helpful, as I am not actually Muslim myself. Good luck!
True, there are plenty of turkish shops around the Hauptbahnof area and I know a turkish butcher on the talkirchnerstr. that sells halal meat. The only mosque I know is in freimann, outside munich, while there are several apartments turned into mosques, again in the hauptbahnof area.

But here comes the point.
Munich is not that big and public transports are very good. I don't see the reason to stay close to a shop/mosque unless my ignorance of islamic religion prevents me to see the point.
One of the things I like of Munich is that there are no real ghettos and it would be a pity to start creating one, although the turks are trying hard to do it...
Thanks for the advice so far. I suppose its not a real requirement to live near a mosque, but since my family will be home all day, figured rather they be around people with the same beliefs ( we cant exactly go out pub crawling), so religious activites might be good. At the end of the day, id want them to make friends with people who they have something in common with. (it helps)
Indeed theres a lot of the turkish shops around Hauptbahnhof, but thats also where all the strip clubs etc. are too!!
I heard that one of the muslim prayer groups is even above one of the Cabaret places on Landwehr str.

And indeed - heres the article!! :

I came to Munich this week from Chicago, USA for few weeks and was surprised to see a lot Muslim population. I am a Muslim too.
Good thing is that we can find a lot of halal food nearly every where in Munich.
Visited a mosque today which is at Landwehrstr. 25 München --As mentioned earlier Turkish area, the stop is Karlsplatz, S and U Train station which is the next stop or 2 mins from Hauptbahnhof (Central station)

A good site to search mosques is;loc_id=21179

A lot of different communities and good rappo between them.

I am in love with Munich now and also realised why Munich is so world famous.

there are no real ghettos and it would be a pity to start creating one, although the turks are trying hard to do it...
Do what?
conversation a friend of mine had in westend (where we both live)

bish du westend?

eh...keine ahnung, ich wohn bloß hier.

isch bin westend...kebab laden da...gehört mein oncle...isch bin westend.

ok...also du bist der mann hier in westend...

ja richtig...

alles klar, danke vielmals...
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