Little Britain - a British food store

Located in Sennelager, Paderborn

New British Food Shop opened in Sennelager - Paderborn (NRW) on the main drag through Sennelager

The owner used to run a shop around the corner but has opened up this one for himself
The stock range is good and the prices are fair in comparison.

He is very Friendly and if there is anything that he hasnt got, he will do his best to get it
Saw an article about this shop on local TV last night.
I think that he could stay in business, even after the troops leave, if he were to expand into the internet.
There must be hundreds of ex-pats in the Bielefeld-Paderborn area that could be customers!!
Great news - let's hope he survives the withdrawal of the troops; it must be said many of my German friends in the area have taken a liking to certain English products that have become available in the Paderborn/Gütersloh/Bielefeld area through the Forces - so with a bit of ex-pat help I think he'll probably do well.

Does anyone know if they're planning to go online?
Hi all,

I'm a native German and was born in the South of PB. I like british food very much. I never thought, that there's a british shop in Paderborn. But now I'm happy to read about. Till now, I was used to purchase my favourite items at online shops.

As I still cannot believe it, a few questions on that: as that store seems to be not as popular as Cologne's english shop, my question, is the Paderborn shop still in business? And if so, does anybody know the detailed address and the saturdays opening times? I'd like to go their as soon as possible :-)))

Thx for your feedback!
I don't live near the shop but I was there a couple of weeks ago and it was still in business then.

The address is:
Bielefelder Str.137
33104 Sennelager-Paderborn.

I don't have a list of opening times but you could call the shop.
Another store in this region is Michelle's Specialities in 32* Lübbecke:
A Touch Of Britain
Hi there we are a new British shop recently opened in Gütersloh. You can find us at König Strasse 35, 33330 Gütersloh. We currently stock most of the items people miss the most.

If you would like to contact us you can by email :, telephone 05241 5272342 or you can find us on facebook under A Touch Of Britain.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Best Regards

A Touch Of Britain - Gütersloh.

Gavin & Sandra
Hi everybody, the website 'Bright Britain' is very good, based near Hanover I believe


Little England
Hello everybody and a Happy New Year. Little Britain has changed their name now to Little England. It's the same brillant service and product choice with very fair prices. We are still going strong and we will still be here if and when the British Armd Forces leave Germany. You'll find us on facebook under Little England Food and Groceries, that's where we inform you of whats happening and if you wish to order anything . Our tel No is 0049-5254-8254115 from the Little England Team x x x
Kennneth Ingle
We find that Little England is a fine little shop to buy British goods which either cannot be bought, or are too expensive to buy, in German Super-markets. It is an half an hour drive from Bielefeld, which means we cannot pop in every day, but well worth visiting when the shopping list has grown.
We are also pleased to see, that a British/German couple have taken over a pub on the Detmold Str., in Bielefeld. They offer amongst other items freshly made Fish and Chips. Now that the British forces are slowly leaving NRW, this might turn out to be a good meeting place for those of us who remain behind. Lord Nelson is the name and I am told by my daughter, that the food is good and the hosts very friendly
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