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Help with how to use them, ordering new ones, etc.

Some assistance please!! I use deutche bank and have been since September 2006. For the first time, I am trying to do a money transfer over the internet. I have my TAN number and when a TAN number was asked for in order to complete this process, I inserted mine. Well, it wasnt enough numbers. Then I added numbers to mine. Then I saw that they provide you with 2 numbers(not 2 Tan numbers or groups of numbers, just 2 single numbers) and tried adding those to my tan. Nothing worked. Now my tan number is "Sperren" or banned, but there is an entire section on my account page about Sperren TAN numbers and auf deutsch Block Tan and all this nonsense. Well, now that I am done complaining and explaining what I am asking for do I unblock my Tan number or create a new one and when I try to make this transfer again, where do I get a Tan number from?? If this needs further clarification please let me know. I'm annoyed as hell at my inadequate german and this TAN number. I've transfered loads of stuff in the states without some TAN number. Thanks
im not sure i understood u correctly, but i think the best case is to wait till tomorrow morning and go to DB ask them to give u a new set of TANS. what usually happens is that u have a code that u must insert to have a set of TANS. then, you insert the TAN number that they request from u whenver u do an online transaction.

just to be on the safe side, dont try to do anything now and wait till tomorrow.
If your TAN number is blocked, I reckon you're going to have to give the bank a call. I'm not a customer at Deutsche Bank, but my bank does TANs as well. I doubt there is any way around the block other than calling or visiting the bank in person.

Anyway, the TAN thing is not something you need to deal with in the states. TAN is a transaction number. You have to use a unique one for each transaction you conduct online. You should not have a single TAN number (you say "I have my TAN number"). Really, you should have multiple TAN numbers. After you use one for a transaction, you have to cross it off the list. My bank tells me which TAN I last used, so I can easily make sure the next one I use is right.

Did you get a list of TANs from your bank?

Either way, you're probably going to have to call/visit. They ought to be able to help you in English, though...
The TAN is not the same as your PIN, if that's what you were trying to enter.

When you first opened your account, Deutsche Bank should have sent you by mail a TAN list (TAN-Block), which includes 100 or so TAN numbers. When you create a transfer, it will ask you for one of these TAN numbers randomly (e.g., TAN 31). You go to your list, find that TAN, enter it, and off you go. (This is the way it works when I transfer online with DB.)

As far as getting your TAN unlocked, that's beyond me. Probably have to call or go to the bank where you opened your account to get it all sorted. Good luck.
I only recieved one TAN number from the bank, it came along with my PIN number.?.? hmm. I might just have to go down and speak with them. Thanks a lot guys.
OOok I am mistaken. I have a letter from deutsche bank that says TAN-Block NR. I thought this was my TAN. After reading through these posts I opened the letter to reveal my list of TAN numbers. Shit. I hate myself. Thanks again guys..
Melia's described how to use TANs pretty well.

Now, you may still be able to do your transfer tonight. First of all, if your German isn't up to scratch, did you notice that the Deutsche Bank online portal is available in English? (Login page, at the top, near the left-hand logo.)
Having logged in, on the left-hand side menu, there should be an option to activate your tan list. You can find your tan-list block-number on the top-right hand corner of the tan grid you received in the mail (and I would guess it'd be 001).
Your tan list should now be valid and you should be able to carry on doing your desired online banking transaction.

Your tan list should now be valid and you should be able to carry on doing your desired online banking transaction.
I wouldn't bet on that - if you've made 3 attempts to transfer money and have now locked out the TAN list, you will still need to go to your branch to get the list unlocked.

I seem to remember that TAN list 0001 ist active straight away. After that one you have to activate each TAN list with a number from the old and the new list together (but you'll need 98 transactions before you get that far...)

At worst they're going to issue you with a new TAN list.

btw, DB use iTAN, so when they ask you for a TAN then don't want just any one from the list, they'll ask for it by number. eg. "Please enter TAN nr.35" You must enter exactly the 35th TAN (which is what the two little numbers are for next to the TANs themselves).
I don't know why people here keep writing about "unlocking" a TAN block. Three false numbers and that TAN black is dead. There's no such thing as re-activating it. It's useless. Bin it. You need to order a new one (a pain in the ass at DB) and it'll take about 10-14 business days to come. Until then if you need to transfer money you'll have to do it with Ɯberweisungen. There are mTANs and iTANs but these are inherently dangerous from a security standpoint which is why a number of banks halted them. However, to turn on the ability to use them you need a normal TAN which you don't have.

Welcome to German banking. You'll get used to it.

OOok, all taken care of. Went down to the bank and now I must wait for a new list of TAN numbers like baddoggie said. THanks for the help everybody.
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