Königssee - Lake in Southern Bavaria

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Anybody been to Konigsee? Seen a couple of pics and it looks a bit more interesting than the other holes full of water in the area..

Thinking about heading down there this weekend..
Can anyone recommend a place to stay?
Also, unless I get a hire car it'll be on the train... Easy enough?

It's worth going to Königsee..especially for the hiking, if that's your thing. You can take a boat ride around the lake which is fairly scenic since you're surrounded by mountains. Getting to Königsee is difficult without a car...You have to usually switch trains at Freilassing and then take a bus from Berechtsgarden to Königsee. The views from the Jennerbahn are sweet. I've got no hotel info though...
Definitely worth a visit.

Here's a link to a day we spent down there. Great place!
You could go up to the Kelstein house (Hitlers mountain house) if you get time.
It overlooks the Konigsee & Bertchestgarden.

Views are stunning and nice littel Cafe up there too.

The coach takes you up there (no access to privae cars)
Yes it is so worth a visit. We went there the long weekend in May and camped. Jenner was great...next time we are going to do the hike instead of the gondola (little glass death traps if you ask me :-) Königsee was beautiful...we did not do the boat tour but it is probably worth a go. Kelsteinhaus was interesting and cool rocky climby bits up there to play on. Views are outstanding. Recommend taking a car for sure. It is not that far (took us less than 2 hours) so can also be done in a day if you don't want to stay over.
Thanks for the info folks. Got a car booked and will cruise down tomorrow..

Looking forward to it.
How was it?
We had a different experience. When you first arrive you will be shocked by the number of tourists. And not just any tourists, but hordes of your hardcore, ugly, sandles-and-sock wearing, pushy, "Preis'n". The main area near the wharf is full of nick-nack shops selling postcards, etc. If you take a boat ride, the lake itself is very beautiful, but when you get to the famous church on all the postcards, prepare for a surprise. The photographers very carefully chose their positions so that you couldn't see the huge Biergarten right beside the church. Of course the nature is very beautiful and once you get away from the hordes, it is probably wonderful.
hope you ate königsee trout. mmm delicious.

went hiking on Brauneck on Sunday. great! ate at Tölzerskihute. fabulous view.
@UrbanAngel: very nice actually.. weren't too many tourists and great weather.. didn't get there til early evening though so didn't have time for the boat ride.. Had an hour or so's walk around the lake then headed off down to austria for the night. Looks like there are some good day-hikes around it too. Was contemplating a swim too, but jaysus, the water was cold!

Also went upto the Kehlsteinhaus on sunday... Can recommend that too.. some great scenery.
eriiki tubbs
Was contemplating a swim too, but jaysus, the water was cold!
Yeah... Slightly late notice here, but I have some visiting friends in town, got the day off tomorrow, the weather looks gorgeous, and we're thinking of going to Königsee. The question is, is it any good to swim there, and also to lay down a towel and chill? Still butt-ass cold in the water this time of year? Has anyone done this? If so, where? Thanks for any info or recommendations!

And thanks for the already mentioned tips and activities around there, too.

We had a blast there. We took our bikes on the train, and got off at Berchestesgaden. There's a bike trail along the river to Konigsee, just a couple of km. Nice ride, and a few inns and B&B's along the way. Lots of bike and hiking trails in the area, its really beautiful.

I really don't recall any "beach" type areas in the village at Konigsee. But, we took the boat ride (worthwhile), and got off at the very last stop. Seems like lots of places to stretch out up there, plus a beer garden and a pretty little walk to another small lake. We also took the cable car up the mountain at Konigsee, and walked down.

I'd go back!
As far as I remember you cannot swim in the Königsee. It's a protected lake or somesuch. Cleanest water this side of the Rio Grande and all that kinda thing.

Of course there's always the possiblity that I'm wrong. I thought I was wrong once but it turned out I was just mistaken.
there were people swimming in it when i was there last may. as you are departing in the boat from the main pier area, there was a swimming area to the right with a tiny beach. there were also people in the lake further up. they must have hiked to get to their swimming spots though, because there would be no other way to get there.
Definitely worth a trip - I've been a number of times over the years. You can camp, hike, cycle, go on a boat trip on the lake, visit the Eagles Nest, go down the Salt mines etc, etc... the scenery is fantastic. Am off there next Friday for our works trip - hope the weather is still nice!
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