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Hi there people,

Trying to blend in - need an advice on the best German TV programmes. E.g. who's the local equivalent of Jonathan Ross, are there "What not to wear" look alikes, any decent political debates or TV series that reflect the realities of German society?

(missing England)
well I don't watch a lot of German telly. After you've got a bit fed up with it then PN Grinner for the obligatory dish install for British telly if you are near Bavaria - where is Oldenburg?

Seriously the one show I do like to watch is Wetten Das...?`in the autumn. There is in fact the summer show coming up this weekend I believe. The host Thomas Gottschalk has very often huge Hollywood stars on his show. Also German stars appear but then I go fetch more beer.

Some of us TTers watch Deutschland sucht den Superstar in the winter. That's a German Pop Idol which produced a very good winner this year Mark Nedlock.

The equivalent show set in the Jungle "I''m a celebrity get me out of here" here is called "Ich bin ein star holt mich hier aus" and is made in the same place in Oz.

i believe the German Jonathan Ross is Stefan Raab but I havent watzched his shows for a while. Harald Schmit is the Clive James type here.
need an advice on the best German TV programmes.
You have got to be kidding... Do not even get a TV, save yourself the money and the GEZ fees, join a library or read the Spielgel instead.
I used to have a soft spot for 'magazine' shows like Spiegel TV Magazin (RTL Sundays 22:20), RTL Extra (RTL Mondays 22.15), and Galileo (ProSieben daily at 19:00) which is kind of like an adult version of BBC Playschool's "Through the round window" - you'll know what I mean if you're British and over 30 - Which one will it be?.

Other than that, there's always the news ... and some more high-brow Panorama-type stuff going down on ARD or ZDF.

Sadly, no one even comes close to Wossie afaik. Chat shows here do not deserve the name imho... oh yeah, and Wetten Das! is great if you're counting the minutes till you die - now there's an idea, making a bet with Haribo-man on how many days you've got left.
You stupid boy! Pike!

Come on, Wetten Dass gets bloody huge stars on which the Beeb can't even afford.
Come on, Wetten Dass gets bloody huge stars on which the Beeb can't even afford.
aaarrse. Iggy Pop is on Wossie's show tomorrow... Iggy f*@$ing Pop ffs.
In my opinion, Gottschalk is a 50s throwback - he appeals to an older generation who enjoy his smug condescension (thinly veiled as old-school charm) directetd particularly towards the ladies (I just cringe when I think of his obsequious 'charm' when J-Lo was on). He's Des O'connor, but less funny and less orange (not that Des cracks me up, you understand), and with a desperately 'whacky' dress-sense ... ach ja, did you see vot Thomas G. voss vairrring last night... etc. ad nauseam.
Try "Schillerstrasse" on Sat 1. A show that actually seems to be original and funny, two things I wasn't sure that the Germans were capable of until I saw it.

The show revolves around Cordula and the friends who turn up at her apartment and focuses on a different theme each week. Cordula and her friends are all played by comedians, who improvise the entire show unscripted in front of a live audience.
Hmmmm...don't know as much about Iggy Pop but I did see him humping a tddy bear on -Saturday morning childrens TV which made me laugh.

Should be worth watching then if he ios on.

Come on Gottschalk isnt that bad. To compare him to slimy Des doesnt work. His show is a family show which is great as everyone can sit together and enjoy it, and what's wrong with that? He gets spiessig German stars alongside heavy rock bands, it is a good mix. Yes some of the bets do get boring especially some kid trying to remember football teams or whatever but that is surely a time to fetch more beer.
DSF past midnight is cracking.
no it isnt Jimbo. Currently they seem to be filming lots of vehicle breakdowns. The poor girls haven't a clue what to do to get out of the mud.
They need a landie with a winch - that'll sort 'em out. Struggling in the mud in short skirts and boob tubes will never get you anywhere. Or perhaps just select a higher ratio and try again. Silly girls.
gucci little piggy
Germany does not have good programmes on TV, all the popular drama or action series are imported from England and America but spoiled by having German voices recorded over them.
That'd be
Oh bugger, you be up near Bremen, not sure if Grinner's arms extend that far, better get one of the Bremer or Hamburgians to tell ya how to get Sky in and get rid of the home sickness.

Try this search for a start.
Schlag den Raab---decent concept, decent entertainment

Theres also loads of gr8 docos on how wafers are made and crap like that on NTV...noone knows why they watch but I know numerous addicts...there must be a support group out there somewhere!
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