Equivalent products to Vicks VapoRub, Sinex, etc. - Germany

Update: In Germany they're called Wicks

Does anyone know if the Germans sell an equivalent product to Vicks , ie vaporub , sinex etc etc. I have searched high and low and only found some sweets named 'wicks'. Most of the chemists i have asked in have been completely baffled. Not a very interesting topic but it could save some headaches.
yea, its called wicks vapor rub I think

correction...its called Wick Vapo Rub
Try here.Wick
Its logical really, since in german a "W" is pronounced roughly like an english "V". So Wick for Vick makes sense.

What I dont get is why in Germany Strepsils (pastilles for sore throats) are called "Neo Angin". Any ideas?!?
Does anyone know where to get WICKS then? I have tried local chemists etc etc , maybe they are stocked in particular stores?
You've tried in chemists and not found any?
Hang on, have you tried a Drogerie (like a drug store but one that doesn't really sell medicine, places like DM or Schlecker or Müller) or have you tried in an Apotheke?
The cough sweets may be found in a Drogerie, but Wicks brands such as MediNait (MediNight), Wick VapoRub (Vicks Vapour Rub) etc. should be stocked by most dispensing chemists/pharmacies (Apotheken).
Wicks website
You might want to print off the picture and take it into the pharmacy with you?
Janx Spirit
Most chemists should have them.

Interesting aside with Wicks/Vicks. When they tried to market Vicks in Germany years back, the company was surprised at the extremely slow turnover until some bright star told them that when spoken, "Vicks" sounds like the German word for fuck. Hence the change to Wicks and the Germans not having to stick a fuck up their nosey wosies...
If you're having trouble finding Vick's (or Wick's) Vaporub, you could try Pulmotin (sorry, can't find a better, or English-language link) instead. Should be available in any Apotheke, although since it's a "good old" DDR product then it may be harder to find in Wessiland than it is 'round here.
Uncle Nick
It is in fact called Wick without an "s" otherwise it sounds a bit like wichsen (to wank)
Such are the perils involved in international marketing..
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