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I have just relocated from the States. I know nothing about Munich, also doesn't speak German. I'd like to get some stuff for my little baby from Gap store but I don't know where to go. Or any one know where to shop for baby stuff (8 mths old but looks like 11 mths.) included the new car seat. Please help me

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Bubble Gum
They just closed all the Gaps in Germany, they weren't really working. i don't know about car seats, but if you want cute childrens clothes they have them at zara and h&M, and there is a really expensive childrens store on Theatinerstrasse called Schlichting. Right next to it there is Petit Bateau which has really nice childrens clothes from France, with excellent quality cotton.
How about going to absolutely any department shop in the city...Hertie, Kaufhof, Karstadt, etc, etc and looking in the childrens section. They all sell baby clothes, most sell baby accessories too. Just walk down the main shopping street, Kaufingerstr and go into the bigger places. Also on Sonnenstr there's a dedicated kids clothes shop which is quite good but I can't remember the name. Go round the corner at Karlsplatz from Kaufingerstr and it's a couple of shops down on the left.

Is Gap really that popular in the States? It's just odd that you ask about the one place selling kids clothes that closed down recently.
excellent quality cotton
Is that Egyptian cotton?
Bubble Gum
dunno. What's the difference?

However, they do have clothes for kids till the age of 16, which is about a size 38 for women, so adult can wear their clothes too. It's very in vogue in Paris, all the tiny Parisian girls and women wear the little tank tops and t-shirts. I was thrilled to find that they opened a store here.
Thank you Bubble Gum and Keydeck. Those info are really helpful info for me:-) Gap is popular but not that extremely pop, I like it coz of convenience and they have a reasonable price. In babyrus that attached in toyrus, they have some clothes but it looks not so nice and the price is not really reasonable (and it's not cute:-D). I'm just a lazy head that haven't had a chance to go downtown and check things since my boy is start crawling so it's a busy time.
Drivinwest, you wouldn't know Egyptian cotton if Pharaoh himself gave it to you, you knock-off-wearing motherfcuker."
Knock-offs!? I wear only the best brands; Tommi Hilphiger, Ghap, Aberkromby and Phitch, Bandana Republican, Lacosthe, etc.
um...these days, egyptian cotton is usually used for bed sheets...in case you wanted to know. Not very usual to make clothing out of...UNLESS its a robe. mmmm...dreamy.

Zara and petit bateau are great for childrenswear. I believe for a car seat you can go to the local department stores, like karstadt and kaufhof. You can also try to get in touch with the other mommies on TT. They might have better advice.
Buy the Baby Romer carseats!!!
Germany's equal to consumer report puts it at the top!!!
Romer Baby King!!!
I just saw a flyer in my newspaper for a Babys 'R Us store. I have no idea where it is - but I assume it's around Munich somewhere. Do a search on the Internet.
There is also a place on the EuroIndustie Park called Pickauf, got our Romer car seat there.

Also Wal-Mart and Toys'r'Us, also on Euroindustrie Park sell car seats. So shop around for the best price. And if you went into Pickauf and tell them that the same seat is 20 Euro cheaper in Wal-Mart, I have a feeling they will negotiate.
Toerag Clothing sell/deliver pretty cool t-shirts/babyvests. Good service & quality too.
For cute, reasonably priced clothes I recommend H&M or C&A -- there are several branches of both in Munich. Much cheaper than Petit Bateau stuff, and somewhat cheaper than the department stores too. Also keep an eye on the discounters -- sometimes Aldi or Lidl will offer children's clothing and when they do its very cheap. Tchibo also periodically has fairly nice things at good prices.

For everything you need, especially furniture etc., there is a great, huge baby store near Augsburg call Baby Welt. They have a MUCH better selection and better prices than the Pickauf previously mentioned. BUT -- if you are not driving in that direction anyway, the money you will spend on gas to get there will probably offset the savings, unless you are buying a big ticket item like a stroller (I bought my Hartan Racer there and it was 40 or 50 Euros cheaper than other stores--equivalent to internet discounters but no waiting). We stop there when we go to visit friends in Stuttgart as its on the way (right off the A8) and its really worth a visit.

Speaking of buying stuff online -- eBay has a lot of places that sell new merchandise online at good prices. We got our high chair that way and it was cheaper.

Baby Walz has the biggest catalogue -- their prices are decent, not fantastic but not awful either. You can take a look at their website. I think they also have a store somewhere in the SE Munich area (I live on the north side of town so have not ventured down there).

Also there are tons of second-hand markets for children's stuff in Munich at various churches, pre-schools, etc. - I posted about this recently on a separate thread.
Having just received a package from granny, it reminded me of a good mail-order address to look at:
Not cheap, but well made, durable and some pretty cool designs.
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