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I have just moved here to Germany and i dont know any German but i need to get a job i was just wondering if there are any people that used to be in my boat and if so what type of jobs did they start out doing and if anyone has any general tips at all.
A general tip may be to have a think first about what it is you'd like to do. Work full time? Part time evenings? Office work? Something in your line of experience? More information would be useful. Secondly, check out any international companies in Berlin, and/or research to see which companies are present in Berlin who speak your mother-tongue or are from where you're from, for example.

See TT's jobs in Germany page and click to filter the listings for Berlin.
I know an american who teaches english, its not a lot of money but enough to live here in berlin with, most people I know are unemployed, maybe that says something about me, I am not sure. Most of the job postings I read are scams, I speak german as well and have been here 5 years. If you have any leads let me know, but some people say you need to rent a suit and go personally by places looking for a job. I have not gotten around to it yet. but in gerneral the unemployment is a real problem here and I know a lot of people who come here and then have to leave again because they can't find work.

What exactly do you mean by scams? Are the advertisers looking for personal information contained on CVs, or just using advertising a faux position as some sort of ad placement for the company?
well like a friend of mine said they were looking for poeple and brauhaus mitte to wash dishes, I worked there for 4 days to see if I was the right fit, I mean really worked but then was not taken, I got a little money but I know of a 100 other such situations, it seems the standard that first you work for free and then get don't get the job. or freelance stuff, almost everything I see for jobs posted here or at craigslist berlin comes across as a scam of some sort. I interviewed to do a freelance estore. after providing them with a model of the estore they, , well we don't want an estore, we want this and that, , , In my opinion it is more to do with the fact that , , companies do have money and the market is such that often students and other will work for free or almost for free. Or I applied to teach english and they responded by saying sure if I fist pay them 3000,00 euro to get and english certification. . etc etc.
Those are definitely scams...Too bad...Thanks for letting people know. I would not advise an umarried person who does not speak German and has no family here to move here and try to work, especially a non-EU citizen. Berlin sounds especially unfavorable. I would even discourage a married person from doing this unless the partner makes a hefty salary and the spouse will be able to find things to amuse him/herself.
I completely disagree with you Conquistador. There is tons of things to do around Berlin to make money and if you look around you can find really cheap accomadation too so you don't have to worry about earning too much.

I chose to share a room with another girl, so ended up only paying just over €100/month rent. and put up ads for English speaking babysitter everywhere (craigslist-repeated posting every week, telephone poles in Prenzlauerberg, grocery store bullitin boards, aupair websites) I eventually ended up with several famillies paying from 8 to 10 euro an hour for babysitting, or even just speaking english with the familly, and sometimes housekeeping.

This helped carry me over until I build up relationships with a couple language schools and started teaching more. I still have a couple babysitting jobs that actually pay more than some of my teaching work, so I give them priority in my schedule.

I did all of this without knowing anyone when I came and not knowing a single word in german.
I agree with Globalgirl too, he who seeks finds.

The are jobs out there and of course the are easier to find if you have contacts however if you look hard enough one can find work.

A friend of mine owns a restaurant and this guy approached them on a relay busy day and asked could he help out.

He got a interview the next day when it was quieter and is now a permanent member of that restaurant team. Ok gastronomie is not everyones cup of tea but at least it is something. It depends on what one wants to do, their reason for coming to Berlin, if it is for love or the cultural then as long as you can live it is ok.

If it is to make a fortune and have people hand you a position on a plate then forget it, as it is you who needs to make the groundwork, unless you are already established.
Teaching English to children.

No German is needed as a pre-requisite. The training is €500. Once completed, still not guaranteed that there will be enough jobs. But they will come slowly. There are a couple of these centres in Berlin. So, one could work in more than one centre. The rate per hour is good, infact abover average, i would say. Become a Helen Doron teacher.
If you want a job you should DEFINITELY wear a suit and go around personally to places.

Here, much like where I came from, has high unemployment and you have to impress people to put yourself ahead of the pack. I think a lot of people forget this.
Probably the most common topic on here BUT...

...where do i find work in Berlin?

I am moving there in september from england. I have a degree but I dont expect to jump straight into a decent job (especially not after having a read of this forum!) so i will basically do ANYTHING. but ideally become an english teacher or work in an english speaking environment af first at least. I do speak basic german (GCSE level) but its a bit rusty.


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Hey everyone,

just wondering if anybody knows of a website (in English) where people advertise jobs in Berlin? Thanks

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what happened to your au pair gig?

The Ex Berliner advertises jobs

Toytown Jobs in Germany

if you go to the morgenpost site and do a key word search (suchwort) with the word "english" you pull up some

I am planning on moving to Berlin at the end of April. I wondered if anybody had any advise on finding a job.. I don't speak German..yet (which could prove problematic.. or not)?
I have been told there are call centres that need english speaking people. I am happy to do pretty much anything, would it be crazy to come out without a job and try and get bar/waitress work when I arrive.

I am also on a limited budget.

Advise would be greatly appreciated.


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Little money? No job? Can't speak German? Moving to one of Europe's unemployment blackspots in the middle of a recession?

Bound to be a breeze.

Advice - search for the zillions of other threads here from and by lots of others who had exactly the same idea as you (the Berlin and Newcomers boards in particular but avoid the ones by people who've been here years, never worked, didn't learn german and are being chased by debtors now that the "limited budget" has run out and are planning to run home to mummy).

Many make it. Some don't. Be prepared to do what it takes. You don't say why you are coming but, if it's love then get them to do the legwork for you (place to live, contacts for work, language schools etc). And forget that nice comforting idea that not speaking German just "might be a problem" because it almost certainly will.
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