Madeleine McCann jokes

Update: A discussion on the limits of black humour

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Editor Bob

This forum posting, when it was first submitted in 2007, contained 17 jokes relating to the disappearance Madeleine McCann.

It has since been decided (not by me) that these jokes are not appropriate for this website, so they have been deleted.

All replies below were posted while the Madeleine McCann jokes remained online, so the replies should be understood in that context.

Altogether, the replies below constitute a broader discussion about the limits of humour. Some particularly insightful posts are on page 4.

This thread is now closed to further discussion.


Madeleine McCann is a British child who went missing in 2007 while on holiday in Portugal with her family.

She was just days away from her 4th birthday.

Despite enormous publicity surrounding the case, it has never been established what happened to her.

There is no evidence that she has actually come to any harm, so the search for her continues.

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And I thought I was the Bad Boy of TT!
It's his website, he can be as unPC as he wants, I giggled.
Holy. Shit. Midweek Madness may officially commence.
Love the limerick!
And I thought the mods went all cuddly-sensitive recently and had a policy of removing bad taste stuff and crap jokes.

My faith in [s]human[/s] moderator nature is restored.
Sick as in the Aussie meaning like awesome or wicked, and pronounced "sieck mate, sieck!" or do you just mean plain old missionairy sick?
Yeah, you have to write more than 'sick'. Because 'sick' is actually the point of them.
Normally we'd be waiting for the first person to:

A . Read the title and see that people have made jokes about this tragedy. (Just like people do for every other tragedy, although this will somehow escape their memory and they will be 'shocked' 'dissapointed' and so on.)

B . Click on the thread and read the Madeleine McCann jokes anyway, with slightly flared nostrils.

C . Dash out an angry post declaring the jokes offensive. (Observation powers in these types are often acute.)

and, possibly, if lucky..
D . Finish off with a mini-flounce, usually with some angry capitals, emphatic italics or to really make a point - start a thread and sell a large server very quickly.
Johnny English
Has EB been hacked or is he drinking?
Post removed
PC thrown to the wind.
EB has now devolved into a human. The end of the world is near. Run for you lives!
I guess it's just a matter of taste. What has worse taste: Madeleine McCann jokes or yeast extract?

Rebellion in mod-land. Grab your pitchforks and head for the defences...
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