Madeleine McCann jokes

Update: A discussion on the limits of black humour

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I'm surprised it took so long for any of these to get posted.
Not as surprising as the lack of a post yesterday whining about the weather.
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Sad but had to happen I guess, 'tis the british way. Be it tsumanis, suicide bombers or anything else.
reminds me of the joke about Beckham and how he turned downa 100million transfer to Newcastle because he heard what the toon-army did to Thailand...some dude got fired off the BBC for saying that on air!
Sometimes there are events where only b3ta will say what others only dare to fleetingly consider.

This is such a time (but I still hope they find her, but I don't believe this bloody circus will help).

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Sickipedia has a ton more Madeleine McCann jokes.
Yay for apathy.
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well I am no angel and indeed like a bad taste one myself but I dont like these jokes.
Just for you, jeremy:
Q: How do you make a Bloody Nicole?
A: Vodka, tomato juice and a stab of OJ.
Small Town Boy
It's the grammar in that poem that appalls me. Are these people not embarrassed?
I don't see what anyone gets from these jokes. It lowers my opinion of the posters tremendously. I remember classmates making jokes about similar such tragic cases when I was a kid... even then they usually got told to fuck up (and that was by other kids).
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