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Anyone else here have experience with it?

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A while back ago I started casting I Ching as part of my personal and guided study of Taoism. While I do not believe in divination in the convential Western understanding of such, I do subscribe to the theory advanced in Determinism...that being, "if one could observe all that has ever happened in the universe, one could predict all that would ever happen".

The point of casting I ching is not to "tell the future" but rather to get a deeper understanding of the present reality and possible outcomes by tapping our subconscious awareness.

The I Ching is supposedly the oldest transcript in existance. It means "Book of Changes". Although it can not be proven I Ching is the oldest book in the history of humanity, there is reasonable evidence that it antedates at least Homer and the Pentateuch. Respect for the I Ching has endured throughout its history: it was a pillar of Taoism; an inspiration for Chinese Ch'eng and Mahayana Buddhism; the I Ching is the ONLY book known to have been saved from the notorious "burning of the books" ordered by Emperor Shih Huang Ti some 2000 years ago; only the Bible, Koran, and Vedas can claim an influence on par with that of the I Ching.

In 1697, a French Jesuit missionary in China, Joachim Bouvet, introduced the I Ching to German mathematician and philosopher, Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz, who was amazed by the Book of Changes and its use of binary arithmetic, then unknown in Europe. Leibnitz spread the good word, and thus our civilization was first introduced to binary arithmetic, which is not only the cornerstone of the Book of Changes but as most people know, the language of all modern computers. Leibnitz was not the only great mind fascinated with the I Ching. Foremost among those who extolled its merit was no doubt psychologist Carl C. Jung, who saw in the Book of Changes the most perfect illustration of his own Theory of Archetypes and referred to the I Ching as "the most profound book ever to come from the East."

Science and psychiatry have both worked to build bridges between the conscious and subconscious..this is one of the purposes of NLP for instance. As well as Biofeedback and Free Association Speech.

On a practical day to day level, I use I ching as a tool to help clarify a situation that I find confusing. I have been keeping records of my progress. Some of the "outcomes" and readings have been nothing less than incredibly accurate. I am not talking about "hocus pocus" fortune telling. Again, first and foremost the I Ching is a book of wisdom.

Does anyone else here have experience with I Ching?
Yes, I can confirm your findings. I also found an online site that seems to have a pretty good algorythm to duplicate the casting of I ching:


and for quick explanations on:

When I was 20 I read this book, but that's so long ago that I don't remember much. Will read it again.
considering the importance of the principle of synchronicity in I ching, advanced online programs can be just as accurate if not better for casting.
The Criteria for Interactive I Ching casting are mathematical authenticity, energetic authenticity and experiential authenticity. I use Visionary Networks program that AOL licensed, it works so well that I have been sticking to it. Although I cast at home with coins as well. Here is their brief explaination of the importance of synchronicity
Incidently MB I asked about the "purpose" of your Innerlizard. The responding Hexagram was Hex 25 with changing lines:

Innocence is one translation of Hex 25 but to further explain it:

Innocence implies a natural harmlessness, openness and pure intentions which are unsullied by ulterior motives. The state of innocence has less to do with age than attitude; innocence springs from a heart which remains open to joy and wonder. Innocence, when guided by a firm faith in what is right, brings supreme success. Naivete unanchored by an ability to discern right from wrong, on the other hand, brings misfortune.

The hallmark of innocence is a willingness to treat all creatures with compassion and respect.

Those who possess a pure heart are best guided by their instincts and intuition. Thinking too much severs links with the guidance of the heart: namely, a clear intuition and strong guiding instincts. Be wary of courses of action which require too much cleverness.

*I added the italics..thought that was most interesting regarding Mr. or Ms. Lizard
Not to make light, but I am the Lizard King...cha-ching. Sorry, couldn't resist. I must follow my inner child lizard.
Hey Lizard King, the way of the Tao is all light and all right. Afterall Dear King, it's Spring..time for the cha cha ching

*sorry this belongs in the abysmal poetry section
I have heard some people talking about the I Ching, but never used it myself. I've seen people using it by flipping coins. I found it kind of strange that in Confucianism it is not easy to know what the best decision in a situation might be (it totally depends on the context), whereas we in the Western world see it as part of our individuation (you learn from wrong decisions and make it better next time, decisions do not entirely depend on the context).
I also read about it years ago.

Didnt Syd Barret sing about it on Chapter 24 in Piper at the Gates of Dawn?
I'm another one who read about it years ago - more than 20 years ago, in fact. I never actually tried using it for divination, but I'm intrigued by the idea - which I've also heard elsewhere - that using the I Ching taps the subconscious, and helps to solve problems by guiding you to solutions that you might otherwise not have discovered. Thanks, Saint, for bringing up this topic - I'll try to find some time to look at the I Ching again.

Interesting, too, that Leibniz was fascinated by the I Ching. I studied a bit of the history of mathematics once, but I don't remember reading about that. Now that's made me want to get my history of maths books out again. Can the I Ching help me to organise my time better, so I can find the time for all the reading I'd like to do?
Frau 'Tea: Havent your lot just discovered a planet out of our solar system?
Lavender Rain
*Heads to get book of I Ching from bookshelf to take another look after not looking at it for about 9 years*
Confucianism it is not easy to know what the best decision in a situation might be (it totally depends on the context),
It's the same in Taoism. There is a Chinese parable of the old man and his son to explain it:

There once lived an old man and his son of late years on the outskirts of a village. His wife had died having their only child very late in life.
They had only one horse.

Late one night some thieves came through the village and stole the horse belonging to the old man and his son.
Upon discovering what had happened their neighbors came by and said, "oh, this is bad! very bad!"

The old man just replied, "Bad, How do you know?"

Determined by the belief that his beloved horse would escape the thieves and find it's way back home, the son left the gate of the stables open every night with carrots and apples out to entice his horse back.

After a week, the old man and his son heard noises in the stable late into the night and went to investigate. They found six wild horses who had wandered upon their land, found the food left for the stolen horse and were eating. Quickly locking the gate, the young son proclaimed "look, now we have good fortune!"

The old man just replied "good? How do you know?"

Weeks later the son was breaking one of the horses when it threw him from it's back and he broke his leg.

Their neighbors came by to help and said, "oh this is so bad. You will have no one to work the fields for you now, until he heals! this is just so bad!'"

The old man, looked at them perplexed and said once more, "how do you know?!"

The very next day, an army came through all of the villages of that region including the village of the old man and his son. The took with force all boys over 12..as the families looked on knowing that most if not all, would never return. All went except the old man's son, due to his broken leg.

So in any chain of events, how do you know, really, what's "good" or "bad"?
A nice tale... I should remember that as I often lament I have incredibly bad luck and break things a lot. Could just be bad karma though.

I just asked the I Ching what I should do to lose weight and the answer ( 45. Ts'ui / Gathering Together [Massing]) wasn`t helpful...I think. I need to read it again and ponder...
Renia, the way you form your question is most important. Instead of asking what you should do to lose weight, try asking "what is blocking or keeping me from losing the weight I want to"

Take the time before casting to visualize yourself, and the situation. Perhaps visualize yourself on the various diets you have tried, standing on a scale etc.. Then hold the question in your mind.

Once you get that answer, you could ask a furthering question like, "what should I best focus on or develop in order to change this situation?"

hey, and doesn't Weight Watchers have "gathering together" meetings?

edit: Renia, I just asked for you (although you should get the most accurate answer) I asked what is holding you back or keeping you from.;

and got Hex 16 Enthusiasm (could mean lack of enthusiasm as well)

Enormous creative energy is unleashed by enthusiasm. This energy is like powerful music which inspires great numbers of people, loosening old constraints and generating new opportunities. Indeed, the power of enthusiasm is best symbolized by music and dance, for it is guided more by the heart than the head. Thus, great good fortune can follow when the leader of an enthusiastic group is a person of strong character, one able to guide this positive force toward a favorable destination.

Enthusiasm within a large group generates a special kind of electricity. When a crowd is "charged", the singer scales new heights, and life becomes its own reward. For who is not in awe of thunder? And who would fail to fill his or her lungs in the aftermath of a cleansing rain?

Arouse the passionate support of others, while adjusting your ideas and plans to suit their needs. In this way you can fill your sails with the mighty wind of popular support.

To arouse others, re-double your own dedication, and dare to create an environment which is free of tension. Take joy in your work. Harness the power of song and dance.
so maybe gathering together, joining a group is really the best?
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