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Tips on how and where to find a place to live

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A friend of mine is looking for a room in Stuttgart.

Done the scout24 thing etc... any other idea's or suggested listings sites for finding an apartment?
Having just started to settle into my new flat in Stuttgart, here's a couple of links for you...

Sperrmüll - Kostenlose private Kleinanzeigen

Stuttgarter Zeitung

The first one is quite useful, but you generally need to pay a small fee to see the full details.

The second one has bucketloads of ads, but most use a p.o. box number and out of approximately 20 enquiries I didn't receive a single reply! Maybe your friend will have more luck...
Have you looked at WG Gesucht
Thx for these guys... will check them out.

I'm so happy I just learned of this website. My husband and I, along with our two boys (ages 7 and 10) and two dogs are moving to Stuttgart this summer, and we are looking to rent a house. We will live there at least a year, quite possibly several years.

Any thoughts on how best to approach looking for a rental house in the area?

Despite being on orders with EUCOM, this is an unaccompanied tour, so that puts the burden of the housing on us, so I could use any advice you have to give. We're quite excited about this unusual adventure and are not at all familiar with the area. Thanks much!

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I can not say whether the below agents and sources are good or not... but you can search to see what is out there! Feel free to add a link (eps. if you had a good experience with them!)

1. immobilienscout24— Baden-Württemberg area
2. Immowelt for Stuttgart
3. Search Private Ads in Stuttgart Paper
4, Planethome
5. Quoka Immobilien for Stuttgart area

6. hausundharmonie
7. Boss (English site)
8. bokari-immobilien
9: Gabriel-immobilien
10. immobilienamneckar
11. suedobjekt-immo
12. garant-immo
13. my-next-home
14. glemsgau-immobilien
15. kaelberer-immobilien
16. der-immobilienmakler
17. rodenbach-partner
18. metropol-stuttgart.
19. bgc-cannstatt
20. remax-team
21. krams-immobilien
22. simanok
23. brutschin-gmbh
24. kaelberer-immobilien.
Hi folks, where are the best places, agencies, print media, websites to look for accommodation in Stuttgart? Is there any agency that deals a lot with ex-pats as my German isn't very good. I would be interested in both flat-shares and renting independently. I would appreciate any info from the posters, thanks!

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Hi Stiofain I am also looking for an apartment and so far the local Blatt's and the web page immo section seems to be good places to start
I guess it depends what exactly is the need.. Generally the ads in the Newspapers are a good place to start.. but they fill up pretty quick..
If you are okay with shared appartments, might be a decent one to start off... tho' its not certainity that you might get a good one thr..
Here are some links that might help, Good luck
Nice one geezer this wil help a lot
As it's an absolute nightmare to find somewhere to live in Stuttgart and I've just sent this email to a friend

General advice is- the first place that you like the look of and you can see yourself living there- show enthusiasm to the landlord and tell them that you want it at the visit. You may have to be prepared to compromise and be flexible- you might have to give up on having a balcony or location, as public transportation in Stuttgart is largely very good if you're near to a U Bahn or a well connected bus stop it shouldn't matter where you live. You will probably see a lot of shit flats too so don't get downhearted. A Stuttgarter speciality is a shower in the kitchen which if you're living on your own is maybe not as bad as you might think... If you get really stuck, be prepared to maybe pay a Provision- a fee to an agency for finding you a flat. A pain in the arse but becoming more and more frequent these days

Ideas of where to look:
- If you already have a job, ask if there are any internal housing lists on the intranet or even look out on communal noticeboards around your office, coffee areas etc. Put ads yourself on these
- Ask HR, maybe they have some kind of list/resources/agency that they use
- Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a flat as you will often hear about them through word of mouth 'oh my neighbour is moving out...'

Internet resources: Again, as soon as you like the look of something call the Landlord straight away and try to make an appointment at the earliest opportunity. Be prepared to be asked lots of strange questions on the phone, it's practically ilke a job interview and These are mostly for students and Wohngemeinschafts (flat sharing) but you might find something if you want to live alone;ort=Stuttgart This place has mostly agencies on it so you will probably have to pay a Provision. This is Sperrmuell online. You have to pay for access to all details or you can buy Sperrmuell the newspaper each week. I think that it comes out every Thursday with the Immobilien listings so if this is not right maybe someone can correct me. The online version is updated with offers outside of the publication date This is a very popular, weekly local newspaper. It's delivered in some parts of Stuttgart on Wednesday night but mostly on a Thursday. It looks like all ads are also online. Best advice- go into the office early on a Thursday morning and start calling from about 8.30

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Hi folks,

I'm moving to the Stuttgart area in the fall and looking for any info or tips or leads on acquiring a rental starting in October or November. Am looking for a 2-3 bedroom 2 bath for two adults no kids. Somewhere in the Southwest that's walkable to shops/public transpost and pubs (bonus for Irish pub) and easy commute to airport preferable.


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I am moving in a week and a half and am still struggling to find somewhere to live. I need some where in stuttgart, ideally in the area of Mohringen. Looking for a apartment that has a living room, bedroom, fitted kitchen, doesn't need to be furnished and most importantly can have a dog and NO Provision. Around 700eur a month.

Can anyone help, am really starting to worry now as have been looking for ages and haven't found anywhere.

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I've been looking as well. Have you tried immobilienscout24? Most of the apartments are only available with Provision, but sometimes you see them specially advertised without – a rare find! Make sure to check the box for Einbauküche (EBK) in your search (for the fitted kitchen).
- as suggested
- (NOT, which is a private project of woo and sera's and is still under development)
- under the "IMMO" section
- (does a lot of furnished places, not usually good for pet-friendly places)
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