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Hey everyone,

My boyfriend has now been accepted on placement in Bonn...which now means i need to find a job myself ...this is scary as i speak very little German (although i am learning) We are moving out in September and i was hoping for some advice from you all about where i could find a job..anything will do i actually work as a conveyancer in England but while im in Germany for 6 months i would be quite happy to do most things. Does anyonehave any ideas about working from home jobs? Anything will help really...although i have savings its not going to last me and i dont want to be come a kept woman!

Also if anyone has any info in general about Bonn, please let me really excited but a little bit nervous about what to expect!

Thanks x x
It's a reasonably international city - as the former capital there are still quite a few foreign/english speaking people in Bonn.

English speakers I know work at:

The UN offices in Bonn (on short contracts - I've no idea what they do, but worth looking in to)
Deutsche Welle (the German World Service Broadcaster - I think they need pretty good German for that)
Teaching English at the private language schools in Bonn (Wall Street Institute is one, but I think there are others)
The Bonn International School

It is probably worth looking in Cologne as well, as it's a much bigger place and a fairly easy commute.

Good Luck!
Thank you for your advice... i will look in to it!

Hey everyone (again)

Everything is now falling to place and a month today I will be in Bonn...I can't wait (although the sun has started to shine here now).

I would like some advice on finding a job in Bonn, my German is very limited but hope this will get better while I am there...but does anyone know where I can start to look for a job...maybe companies you know that are happy to employ non German speaking people!! I am up for doing anything (almost anything) but I worry the only thing I have real experience is in Law (conveyancing) and working in a bar! my degree is in Social Sciences so probably wont be much help either! Anyway any ideas would be welcome...

Thanks once again...

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You could try the irish pubs in Bonn and Cologne!!!There is also an english shop in Cologne, maybe they are looking for staff!
The Bonn International School
. Yes they are looking for substitute teachers at the moment: BIS Employment

Ask them as well. They might also have something for you.

And keep looking at here, every now and then, people do advertise here in TT Classifieds.

Hi, cant help out with the job I'm afraid but I lived in Bonn until a month ago I can only wish you a great time it's definately my favourite city in Germany, really open and very friendly people. I really miss the place but duty called and I had to move with the job although hopefully I'll be not far away this winter for a course (Bad Neuenahr).
The international schools in Bonn (BIS and IBIS) are always looking for supply teachers (or substitute teachers as they are sometimes called) as it is so difficult to find any in the area. This is because you need to have a teaching qualification to be a substitute teacher and there aren't so many around here. Even then, if there are, the work is not regular and not enough to live from. You could always ask if they need classroom assistants as you don't need a qualification and demand for assistants changes according to the number of children enrolled, usually increasing as the year goes on. IBIS is probably the best bet for this option. There is also an English speaking kindergarten which I know is looking for staff as three have left this summer. They also have a language school attached which offers sporadic work teaching English to kids.

There is also Killybegs Irish pub in Bad Neuenahr that may be worth asking at since it's high season. The folks are realy nice too and Bad Neuenahr is not so far away from Bonn and easy to get to on the train (RB 30). The Pinger hotel in Remagen (also not so far from Bonn and on the same train line) takes a lot of English speaking guests at this time of year so it may be worth asking there if they could do with an extra pair of hands.
Hello there!

I moved to Bonn around 2 months´s a long story why! I need to get a job and my problem is that my German is fair. I cannot afford to pay my courses at the moment, that´s why I am currently looking any job to support myself. If anyone has any idea of getting any job that doesn´t really require German, it would a huge help! My previous working experience has to with General Tourism, Airlines and PR...even though I don´t really think I could get a job in these fields without knowing the language. I have already tried many hotels here in Bonn, but no luck. And by the way, are there any english-speaking meetups here in Bonn??? I would be really interested if smthg was going on!

Many thanks,

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Small Town Boy
Your boyfriend lives there... not such a long story!

You didn't have to look too far down the "Life in NRW" forum (in fact it was the top topic) to find an identical query from yesterday:

Finding a job, in Bonn, when you don't speak much German, having moved there for love

See also the Jobs in Munich wiki page for general ideas.
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