Second-hand bicycle stores in Düsseldorf

Tips on where to buy a used bike

Hi Im looking for any second hand Bicycle in Düsseldorf. Are there any such a kind of shops in Düsseldorf? ive already tried to buy from ebay.. but not exactly..
also want to check up myself the condition...
if anyone know something then let me know!

there is zweirad Eller
not exactly d-dorf, but you can get there on the tram

also, there are some places in Friederichstadt, near Stern-Verlag
one is right on Friederichstrasse, and the other one is somewhere behind
the one that is behind has used bikes.
otherwise, just ask them where to go.

Also, Aldi had some bicycles on offer last week, but you hve to order it.
good luck!
There is a bike shop in Ratingen which also sells second hand bikes.
Again, not exactly Düsseldorf but an easy trip on the s-bahn and the shop is
only about 2 minutes walk from Ratingen Ost Bahnhof.

Leave the station from the night exit (not the one which goes under the track into the station)
and turn right at the bottom of the stairs. make your way towards the flyover bridge, go under that and walk right up that street. There is an Italian
restaurant on the corner. When you get to the end of the road the bike shop is on the left. You can't miss it.
Hello TTers,

Anyone have any insight as to where I might buy a used bike in Düsseldorf? I have heard some general things about Saturday markets where used bikes are sold. Anyone happen to know some particulars? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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Try the market on 'Aachener Platz', easy to reach by tram from 'S-bahn Station Bilk' (just follow the crowd ones you get off the tram at Aachener Platz). They normally have a lot of choice (you should bargain a bit though..).
Thanks all,

The info is very useful.

I've passed by this one shop many times but have never bought anything there so I don't know about their quality or prices. Here is their website: They're located on Buscherstraße in Düsseltal, a couple of minutes on foot from the Derendorf S-Bahn and tram stops.

Hope this helps!
I've gone to aachener platz flee market. there are a lot of choices and they do customisation for you in terms of safety add ons and accessories.
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