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Penalty points, and driving beyond the expiry date

Hello all,

First of all I'd like to say that this is a great site...Iv been looking for somehting like this for so long!! Im an International student living in Halle for 2 years now, my life would have been much eaiser if I knew this website.
Anyway; I have a problem and I would really appreciate your feedback. I know that the topic was discussed often, but still I didnt find my exact case.

Ok so I have my international driver's license (from Egypt) Iv been driving around for 2 years now, so more than 6 months. Recently, I got 3 points for driving too fast on the Autobahn, and I am expecting 3 more for the same reason again. What should I do now??!! I mean I broke the law cause I have been driving for more than 6 months with my International Lisc and I am living in Germany. Now I want to switch my Iternational license with the German one, but Im so scared that they will notice what happned, and then Ill be in deep sh**!

Does anyone know what is the exact penaulty for my case? I heard that they ask you to take th fill driving exam again instead of just switching. I hope its that simple, Im really worried about that.

Your feedback will be much appreciated
I doubt it will be a problem. It seems to be a qualification to drive in Germany that you have to drive as fast as possible. The Germans will welcome you for driving like a cunt and getting points for it. You'll prob be given a courtesy Mercedes or BMW to celebrate.
That is quite an optimisitc way to look at it, but I have a feeling ill be facing some kind of trouble. I just want to know how much trouble so that I'd be prepared!
Hello Yasser

I am also from Egypt, I started the process for transfering my DL (the Egyptian one) to the German One. Looks like it is very long process but I have to do it. First of all I translate my orginal DL to german and take the first help course with the see test and 50 € and gave to the stadtamt and should wait fot their response (takes from 4 to 8 weeks).

I don't know what I should do next!

For your case, don't worry as you will only show your orginal DL (not the International DL).
E-mail me if we can discuss your issue more#

Hey there masamaan,

Where about from Egypt are u?! Dont tell me you are DEO man! What I established so far is that I have to send my national Lsc to ADAC and then they send it to the ADAC state Headquarters and then they send it back to me with the offical translation and the stamp and an Erklärung and blablba. This all takes from 2 to 4 weeks and costs 55 EUR.

Next I have to take that all that to the Ordnugsamt and then they tell what to do. Probably like you I have to take those tests.

What do u think they will say about my points and that I shouldnt have been driving with the lisc??

So what are you doing in Germany anyway??!! studying?

Take care,
Hi Guys,
I understand that this chat is since 2 years but i am hopin someone can help me, i am Egyptian living in Germany and wondering about the procedures of exchanging the driving license, what are the documents needed and wither or not do i have to take the written test or the practical one or even the corses. How much time approximately it should take!!!

And really the international is not valid here

Your helo is really appreciated
Is the car registerd in your name, if not then someone else will get your points !. I read some where that you are supposed to exchange your license for a German one after 6 months or on becoming resident here, so maybe they will prosecute you for this also, you can only get points here on a German license! tourists are allowed to drive up to 6 months without a German license and dont receive points only fines. Generallz there alist of countries that have automatic exchanges of license with, where if you are on the list you bring your old license and exchange it for a German one, but some countries are not on the list and need to apply like a learner for a license and sit the German driving test. You need to check as you may have actually been driving without any legal license here and can be prosecuted for that plus if no license automatic no insurance also other offense. but surelz you needed a german license when getting insurance here, or were you driving someone elses car, then maybe just allow them to get the points and you pay the fines.
There is no real international license, just a document that is a translation into other languages of your home license! so wether your license is allowed is based upon individual legal treatys with your home country and the country you are visiting, most countries normally have very liberal allowances for all foreign countries for tourist up to 6 months but different for people who become resident as they are supposed to exchange their license based upon a different treaty, and different countries are recognised , so you may need to start form scratch and sit the driving test, check with your embassey they will be able to tell you.
I presume you have an Egyptian driving license? It ceased to be valid in Germany 6 months after your residents registration. If you are still driving here then you are driving illegally. Your "International Driving Licence"´is not a permit to drive, but simply an accepted translation of the content of your Egyptian license for the convenience of the police.

I'm afraid that to get a valid license to drive here you will have to take a full driving test, including lessons, theory and practical examinations. Germany does not have any special arrangements for Egyptian license holders as it does with many other countries removing some of the hurdles. It won't be cheap... reckon on at least €1500-2000
It won't be cheap... reckon on at least €1500-2000
More like 700 to 800 EUR if you already know how to drive and you pass the tests the first time.
More like 700 to 800 EUR if you already know how to drive and you pass the tests the first time.
If s/he has an Egyptian licence then I think that is fairly unlikely.

EgyptCitizens of all Egyptian governorates are entitled to a driving licence once they have reached the age of 18. To obtain their licenses, applicants must pass only one test.

Until a few years ago, Egypt was known for having the easiest driving test in the world. In order to pass, all a person had to do was drive six meters forward and then reverse six meters.

However, the test has recently been updated to make it more difficult, now the applicant has to answer 8 out of 10 correct answers in a computer test,then pass a forward & reverse S-track test.
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