Birthday present ideas for a 7 year old girl

What do such kids like these days?

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Title says it all. I have to pick up a present, short notice (the part is tonight) for a 7 year old and I have no idea what kids these days like.

Anyone have any suggestions? Help!!!
Surely Barbi is a safe bet.
a scalextric... at least that is what I always wanted!

but then again I'm not a bird,,,,
A Russian Babuscka doll

I gave one to my niece (6 yrs old) two years ago and it's still her favourite thing.
A badminton set. Or a unicycle (app. €50). That's what my neighborhood 7-yr-olds mess around with all the time. Oh, and a helmet if you decide on the unicycle.
Phone and ask her mum what she likes.
Didl stuff - though I don't know if it is still "in"
Do you like the parents? If not, buy the gal a drum. And a recorder. Yep, that should do it.
A LEGO set or a jigsaw with her favourite characters.
Or Toy kitchen / house
I'm trying to think of the least annoying thing for the parents. Beads are not at the top of the list.
She already has a unicycle.
Mom says 'oh, you don't have to get her anything' - she was no help.

Great suggestions, keep 'em coming.
Might have to take a trip over to Toys 'R Us at lunch.
BuLi are you saying that you didn't have a scalextric set?
Lego does these jewellry kit things for little girls as well.

My bank account is so happy that I had two boys ...
And what is a scalextric set?
Its a boy thing.
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