Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt Rhein-Main

Differences between the three names

Could someone tell me the difference between the Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, and Frankfurt Rhein-Main?

thanx in advance
There are two Frankfurts : Frankfurt an der Oder and Frankfurt am Main.
Rhein-Main should be the airport.
Frankfurt is Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main means Frankfurt on Main (like London on Thames), a name which is used to distinguish Frankfurt am Main from Frankfurt (Oder), Frankfurt Rhein-Main is the area around the confluence of Main and Rhein, which includes the cities of Mainz, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Frankfurt
Ok, could also be the airport, whose name is "Rhein-Main Airport"
The Airport in Frankfurt is called Frankfurt Flughafen, or Frankfurt Airport (As it was renamed years ago)
The Airport company that operates and manages the Airport for the city of Frankfurt and State of Hessen is called Fraport. Before that is was called "Flughafen AG", or just FAG.. yes yes go ahead and giggle (They even had "FAG" as part of the airport vechicles official license plates. AKA: FAG-001)

Rhein-Main Airbase (Not Airport) shared the runway with the Civ. Airport for over 50 years and was a major US Airforce base up until its closing on 2005. Next time your go thru Frankfurt Airport, Look accross the Runways. Everything on the other side used to belong to the Ami's, but is now part of Frankfurt Airports Cargo City South.
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