Buying a second-hand bike in Frankfurt

Tips on good places to buy a used bicycle

I am looking for something like a cheap and cheerful "city bike" that I can ride to a bar/town wherever, chain it up and come back a couple of hours later and to find it in the state that I left it with all essential components present and correct (i.e saddle, wheels etc). Basically, I want something no-one else wants to nick!

All of the people I have asked have told me that eBay is the solution, but I am not a man of the world and I don't trust the interweb. I would rather get one from a dealer/bike shop so they can tell me if the bike fits me and that I know when I am hooning it down a hill there is a good chance of the brakes working.

I have consulted one of my best friends,, but he couldn't shed much light except suggesting phoning every bike shop in Frankfurt.

I have called a couple of my local shops, and they all said that they don't have anything in at the moment, but every once in a while have a second hand bike and should call them back every week or so.

Does anyone know a shop where there is generally a good stock of reasonable second hand bikes?

Deutsche bahn Call a Bike or go to the flea market by the museums on Saturday mornings. You are likely to be able to buy the same bike a number of times from there as it *may* be where to buy stolen bikes.
The flea market is a good idea thanks. I have been here for about 2.5 years, and have never been there so will check it out tomorrow.
I have seen a few magazines in the HBF that buy and sell things like this so maybe thats an idea.

Ebay would be safe however, no matter what your trust of the web is. Used right Ebay is great. Ive used it for years.

However well done on posting an ad saying you want to buy something that SanJay hasnt replied to offering to sell it to you Over the last few days I was sure he would have just about everything anyone wanted heheheh

Oh and on another funny note, you can lose your drivers license in Ireland if found cycling under the influence!!! Dunno about Germany though, but be careful cycling to bars hehehe. Actually you can lose the licence in ireland for just about any vehicle if drunk. I have never found out if this inculdes wheelchairs. I imagine there would have been uproar by now if it does.
Just for the future search records : the flea market had lots of bikes. Most of them were in a pretty shoddy condition, but a few half decent ones. Interestingly, there seemed to be many more bikes for ladies than for gents.

There were also a couple of stalls which sell spare parts - which may be useful one of these days too.
I found a contact in This guy has atleast about 5 bicycles each for ladies and for gents. He is a pensioner and has promised to repair the bike in case there is a problem with it. The price range is about 40-50Euros. PM me if interested. I shall give you his address and phone number.
Les Schnyder
I got my used bike from a "fahrradboerse" that was organised by the "allgemeine deutsche fahrradclub". It's like a market place, very organised as you can imagine however, I don't know when the next one is going to be held.

I got quite a decent mountain bike for 40 euros and it's been checked before by the people who organise these kind of event. I believe, getting in touch with them via can shed some light into this
Hello all,

Happy new year!

Im in Frankfurt as a visiting student for 6 months and Im looking for a decent used bike (perhaps foldable so I can carry it into U-Bahn?)
Ive searched the forum and found that flea market on Saturday morning is one option.
I want something decent, not the crappy $100 bikes that you can get at supermarkets.

Is there any other suggestions?
or perhaps some member in the forum willing to sell their bike?

Also, is it safe to leave the bike (locked) outside the building overnight? (say, at the university campus at Riedberg)


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Can anyone recommend where to start looking for a second hand bike as I need one to ride to work.


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Check out the Saturday fleamarket on the south side of the Main...always lots of used (stolen?) bikes.
I am an old english pensioner that likes to fly to someone else's country and cycle home, thereby seeing more than just the tourist areas. my last trip was from berlin, via rostock and the danish islands and before that, from prague and across north germany - so perhaps to start by saying a big 'thank you' for the great courtesy and help we have been shown, particularly as (having left school very early) we speak very little German. I would love to come to frankfurt and find a reliable second hand cycle and ride back home via mainz and the rhine valley and its castles to cologne to see the beautiful cathedral and then down the moselle to see trier again before crossing luxemburg to bastogne to see the famous battle area, then across belgium, to zeebrugge and home to york via hull. I would like to bring my own cyle and use that, but the budget airlines either don't fly to frankfurt or don't make taking a bicycle easy. I will solve it and I will see the rhine valley and drink the beer and enjoy the food and drink the beer and follow the river and see if the danube is blue..............thanks again folks I love your country
ryanair is taking bicycles and it flies to Hahn Airport that is 2 hours driving from Frankfurt. There are plenty of hotels right in front of the Hahn Airport where you can stay and prepare for your trip probably.

another option is to fly to Frankfurt and as you wrote to buy one here, there are lots of bicycle shops for professional bikes or you can always go to the flea market on Saturdays before noon. The flea market is at the Main River right bank, but i am not sure if you can find something reliable there.

Have fun!
This place in Griesheim sells reconditioned bikes, though they don"t always have many in stock. But a good place to take yours should it need an overhaul. Otherwise, I saw a few decent-looking bikes here the other day.
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