It's Marder time, lock away your cars! - Germany

Experience with electric deterrents? good/bad?

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Well, it's that time of year again.

People who are new in Germany or don't own a car will not know what on Earth I am on about.

The "Marder", or in English, a "Pine Marten", is a vicious little mammal that enjoys chewing on hot rubber or plastic. To prevent these animals getting into your car's inner bits and bobs it's recommended that you park you car in your Tiefgarage. Other preventative methods are to place rolled up mesh wire under the engine compartment of your car.

It may well be worth looking at your insurance to see if you are covered for Marder damage.

See the photo for what they look like.

Take care out there!

It looks too cute to be a pest!!
My German boyfriend was trying to explain to me about these little critters. I thought he meant a possum!

What is it about hot rubber or plastic that makes it taste so good to them?
It might be some deficiency in their diet or something. I know that's why porcupines chew brake lines in the states.
it seems to be connected to their territorial behaviour because they get more destructive during mating season (it's spring time now) and prefer attacking cars they don't know yet, or better: cars that have the smell of other marders on it. I got two damages just after I moved in, since then never again. they just leave their dirty traces, climb up the front window and slide down the rear window.
In spring they also love biting car antennaes (?), it's more of a show off.
Parking in an underground garage helps, but it's not certain to keep them out. I know that from experience.
Little bastards have eaten my windscreen washer hose

Which is, however, better than when they once happily dined on all my electric cable insulation . .
Mik Dickinson
You are however covered on your TeilKasko.a gamekeeper told me once that it is the young ones that are testing their teeth.B.M.W. rubber piping seems to be a real delicacy for them
Johnny English
They are clearly pissed off about global warming and choosing to attack our cars, especially petrol guzzling 4x4's.

Anyone had their Toyota Prius attacked? Huh. I thought not - thus proving my theory.
My German boyfriend was trying to explain to me about these little critters. I thought he meant a possum!
I always that they were referring to possums, too! Looks like a ferret.
They are Weaselie,Stoatie, Ferretie type critters.

It wouldappear that the warm rubber of engine hoses is some sort of [s]Afrodizzyac affridyzi affrodisyac[/s] turn on for them..

You will often see paw marks all over your car and regullarly see your antenna have been chewed!

If you listen carefully late at night, especially at this time of year, you will possibly hear them fighting !
Still look cute though!
yes, they do look cute but if I see one chewing away at my Alfa's cables or antenna I'll be wearing it as a shoe!
have lots of paw prints on my motor but no damage as yet.
Grinner's pic is too cute. The one my auto service garage uses to sell their €200 marder defense system is this:

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We had a Marder defence system fitted to our car when we bought it new - all you hear is an electronic "tick" sound every 20 seconds or so - worth every penny as we haven't had any problems.

I would especially reccomend anyone living in Feldmoching as from our Balcony I see One Marder running under and over the cars nearly every night.
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