Music stores for second-hand instruments - Munich

2nd hand guitars, violins, etc...

Does anyone know where I can find a store that sells second-hand musical instruments in Munich? My husband and I are keen to learn to play the guitar and violin respectively, and want to start on cheaper second-hand stuff.

Roger? Oh, and Bean, do a search on here - this has been discussed before. The end result was that we don't know many places though I think...
The free ads newspaper, Kurz und Fundig is probably a good place to start. There's always instruments up for sale there.
Take a day trip to Augsburg. Lots of music shops there.
I'm also interested in musical instrument and stores in munich! Can someone tell me where i can find some mesa boogie or some other hi class amp for sale (second-hand)! I would be also grateful if someone sent me websites some of big music stores in munich(guitars and amps, like ''justmusic'' for exemple).
mj davey
@ivajel: the little box at the top of the page and/or google are your friend. Yes, there are a number of 'big' music shops and lo, and behold, you can find them using search.

But to save your little fingers from certain RSI danger try this one for size, iirc they do some second hand stuff. But new is also their main gig...
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