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I'm looking to flirtatiously introduce myself to a few Germans in the dating scene this year. I'm a bit out of the loop as to what works. Any suggestions?
Möchtest Du was essen? Leckere Nudeln vielleicht?
Wie wäre es mit einem netten Buch?
Findest auch Du es am schönsten einfach mal zu sitzen, zu lesen und gar nichts zu tun?
Willst Du mein Auto sehen?
Arbeitest Du auch 16 Stunden am Tag? Lass uns doch mal ein bisschen chillen gehen.
Willst Du auch ein Bier?
You might consider updating your profile - for example the field "Gender".

Then we know what sort of reception to organise
No, the gender field should be left unfilled, no point in cutting into the success rate from the very start.
would you like to see my Stamp collection? (I know its lame...but girls get the point immediately!)
The point being that you are lame and unoriginal?
I found the plain old (works in all languages!) Bist du oft hier? works just fine.

Yes, it's the oldest and dumbest conversation starter. But because I know this and the pickee upee knows this, if you can carry it off with a dead pan expression it gets the desired message across: Look, I'm nice, I'm good-looking, I'm intelligent, I'm great in bed, I am cheeky enough to use the oldest line possible, hoping you will see the humour/irony and therefor qualify as intelligent, apart from already qualifying as good-looking.

Give it a go, fancy chat-up lines are for those who need them
New for 2007:

Zeigst du mir deine Muschi so, oder muss ich erst mit Brekkies rascheln?

Du bist Wunderschoen.


Moechtest du fuer Fruehstrueck?

Under no circumstances call a German girl a vixen (wichsen in deutsch).
Use the fact that you are an English native-speaker and that you are non-German, that gives you an obvious edge of interest. Say, hi, say your English sounding first name, which again makes you sound a little different to all the Wolfgangs and Klauses etc. In my experience, Germans are not the best listeners in the world, so take a genuine interest in the object of your affections, listen to her, ask questions about her, her interests, etc. Probably better than one liners.
Pickup Line...You don`t sweat much for a Fat Lass!

Reply...Wie Bitte?

There ensues a 2 hour conversation whilst you explain the Translation of this Phrase and its various connotations in which you get to know each other better - followed by a night of Passion with no Strings attached. Breakfast and exchange of first names is optional!.
"My God, you have a head. A real, human, head."

"What's the German for piggyback? Would you like one?"

"Would ya like a dag in perriwinkle blue for de mammy?"
Use the fact that you are an English native-speaker and that you are non-German, that gives you an obvious edge of interest.
I can't agree more with this statement. Depending on the situation, I usually introduce something about being from California / the US fairly quickly. I can tell by body language and other reactions that this often instantly changes a girls attitude from "why are you talking to me, we do not know each other" to "hey, this guy might be interesting and he can't help that he is saying hello, he's a friendly Californian!" Or at least, I imagine it being something like that.

For a long time I avoided this, because I did not want to stand out as "the foreigner." But I have done a complete 180 and honestly I have had excellent luck with it. It gives that that edge that sets you apart from Klaus und Andreas und Jan. Depending on where you live and how often the object of your affection comes into country with your countrymen, she may be genuinely curious as to what the hell this young good-looking English speaker who also speaks German (you do speak German, right? ) is doing in her hometown.

Of course, her curiosity will fade fast if you can't turn this spark of interest into a conversation or a good dance on the dance floor. This I can't help you with.

Two examples, just to show you how silly this can be:
1. Two cute girls are dancing together near my buddy and I in a club. They are clearly part of a bigger group. One girl takes out a cigarette and starts looking for someone with a lighter. She gets several No's, then eventually asks me, and because I had already had my eye on her, I reply (in German) "Neither of us have lighters. We're from California, no one smokes there." She instantly grabs her girlfriend to meet us. This was a long shot and a ridiculous line. But oh man, did it work..
2. My friends leave a club and I am not ready to go home. I stay alone and decide to find a girl to talk to. I see a pretty blonde dancing with a friend. Put myself in the general area. The friend goes to get more drinks. The DJ is playing Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I notice I am singing. When the song ends I approach the girl and say, in German, with a big smile, "Sorry that I was singing so loud, but that's where I come from!" This night also ended well.

Just use the situation somehow! See how it works for you. Good luck.
The problem with attracting people with your nationality is that sometimes that's the main thing they are attracted to!
And one day, that just might bother me. But until then ...
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