Getting a motorcycle license in Germany

Info on costs, number of lessons required, etc.

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I have a regular european B-driver's license, and I've been dreaming of getting a motorbike A-license for quite a few years now. Does anyone have experience on this? How many lessons do you have to take at a fahrschule, what about theory lessons? Is it possible to take the theory test in english?

And the most important question: how much does it cost? Back home it'd cost me maybe 600e, probably a little less. It doesn't seem likely that I'm going back home for more than a week in quite a while though, that's why I'd like to do it here. I reckon I'd pass the test with minimum driving lessons, I know the basics and have driven on private roads, just have to get the touch.

BTW, I live in Munich, if anyone can recommend a good and cheap Fahrschule, it'd be awesome!

If you can get it done back home do so, it will cost you at least a 1,500 here.

It is possible to take theory in English and probably the practical too.

In Germany there are minimum requirements on the number of hours you have to take so you have to do and pay for those, regardless of your standard. this is what keeps your basic cost up. I'll look it up later and post tonight.
Is it even possible to xfer a foreign Motorcycle license over to a german one? (Non-EU License only)
Usually anything that requires special training beyond that of a normal car license (Bus,Truck,Motorcycle) will not be converted to the German system
and requires you to complete the entire training of such a vehicle in the normal German driving schools. I went thru the same process back in 1998
when they wouldn't let me xfer my truck classes over to the German system. Good thing my training was covered by my Uncle Sam.

Just talked to my Military friend. The Germans will not allow you to xfer your foreign (non-EU) Motorcycle class to a German license.
Even those in the Military here for 2-4yrs are required to complete the German Motorcycle school. Usually each base/location contracts
with a fahrschule that gives the training and tests in English, sometimes even on base.
Johnny English
20 year old Finnish snowboarding chick wants motorcycle lessons. Oh my god. Anyone got the phone number of a good divorce lawyer?

Edit: Pig tails and drinks beer. Its all too much for an old man...
@DK, she already has a european licence, so she can skip the first aid training.

@JE, I know, I thought exactly the same, but be nice now.
Haha, thanks! Yea, Finland is in the EU (comes as a surprise to many) so luckily I don't have to worry about that stuff!
are required to complete the German Motorcycle school
Isn't it like the automobile license though? You don't need to take all the theory classes, just pass the written test and practical?
You will have to do the theory.
I stand corrected... I stand angry
You are younger that I was though when I did my licence here. You won't stick out like a drunk driver retaking training or a cradle snatcher.
ha, true... life could always be worse...

Also, isn't it the case that when you just receive your license, you are limited in horse power? I was told that's only true up to a certain age though (25?)

It's starting to be spring, I want my bike now! (ugh, I have to import it from the US)
That depends on your age.

You can do the A1, the A limited and the A unlimted licence.

A1, minimum age 16, up to 125 cc and not more than 11 kw power.

A limited, minimum age 18, up to 25 kw power and not less that 6,25 kg per kilowatt (untanked)
After 2 years driving an A limited you automatically get the A unlimted

A, minimum age 25, and you can drive everything, si, everything.

If you actually have a car licence (Class 3) from before 01.04.1980 you can drive anything that is in the A1 class. Only of interest to the more "mature" members of the forum. Mature obviously in the sense of mature cheese.

I think if you have a car licence, class B you only need to do 12 hours of normal theory and 8 hours of extra motorcycle theory.

Then you do as many hours basic practical as the instructor considers necessary and you must do 5 hours on country roads, 4 hours autobahn and 3 hours night time.
I knoooooooow, it will be limited! I'm not sure how it is here but at least in Finland after you get your license you only get to drive <25kW and after 2 years anything you want...
Yes it's limited although to be honest that is not a bad thing, plenty power still available to make a mess of yourself. The power and the power/weight ratio are controlled so they really are giving you a chance to learn. It's after you do your licence that you really start to learn how to ride and then practice at lower speeds is invaluable. You have a hell of a lot more space to make mistakes in.

Of course the tuning fairys might steal your motorcycle for a night and change the settings in the carbs or the injection mapping and you might never know about it.

I've heard of it happening.
I know, I don't think it's a bad thing either. And once I graduate in a million years and can afford to buy a bike, I'll stick to the "small" ones... If your feet don't touch the ground and you can't move it without someone helping you push its really not worth it...
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