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I'm filling out an application for a new job, and need to complete a section called Reasons for application (Why are you applying for this job?).
Apart from writing the usual cheesy 'fresh challenge'-type clichés, I'm a little stuck. Can anyone who maybe has HR/recruitment experience give me some tips on what to write that would appeal to employers?
The job is in Germany, if that makes any difference.
You need money, For what else a sane person works for?
Where did honesty ever get anyone. Thing is, everything else I can think of just sounds corny. For example, I thought about writing something like 'This is a great opportunity to work for a forward-thinking, dynamic organisation blah blah blah'... but is this kind of stuff really what gives recruiters a warm feeling inside?
I recruited couple of people and to me that stuff is repelling, but i know that there are some people doing that. Again, i saw people that talk about forward thinking crap and left the company a week later for a salary of 200 euros more.
Well, why are you applying for this particular job and not a different one? Why this company and not another? And, crucially, how do your skills fit the position? Because that's really what they want to know. No point at all in just telling them how great their organisation is - they want to know why you think you will fit in and what equips you to do the job.
Oma Stelzbok
Might help too to know what kind of job you are applying for (in case some TTers have some experience they can share). Good luck to you!
Honesty is definitely good. It worked for Bridget Jones anyway.

Boss: So, why do you want to work in television?

Bridget: I've got to leave my current job because I've shagged my boss.

Boss: Fair enough. Start Monday. We'll see how we go. And, incidentally, at 'Sit Up, Britain', no one ever gets sacked for shaggin' the boss.
In all seriousness, we need more info. Why ARE you applying? Are you looking to expand your skills, try something new, get more money, get away from horrid current colleagues, what? Is it a super-cool company with lots of opportunities or an awesome product line? Tell us the truth and we can help you reword it in a way that sounds good. I worked in corporate HR for four years (two of which were spent as a recruiter) so I can probably help you out.

PM me if you really did shag the boss and don't wanna post that.
OK ... the full truth.
I'm currently working as an IT contractor at this company, and a permanent opening has arisen (if you'll excuse the term). So, the job is basically the same... There will ofcourse be other candidates, but I consider my own position to be strong - I'm just desparate not to blow it, by coming over as complacent or sycophantic. Oh yeah, I'm applying because I want the benefits and security... and I do like the job/organisation, honest.
IT peeps, feel free to contradict me, but I'd say it is perfectly acceptable to give the reason that, after having worked as a contractor, you're interested in a permanent position. It's a totally valid reason - elaborate and say that you've learned a lot about the company during the X number of years/months you've worked there, and you'd be able to make a strong contribution because of X, Y and Z. You have inside experience and knowledge that someone external would not necessarily have, or whatever.
OK ... the full truth.
I'm currently working as an IT contractor at this company, and a permanent opening has arisen.
Insanity seems the only plausible explanation

But GG is right some BS about how much you liked working there and want to be fully part of team should do it.
Insanity seems the only plausible explanation
Yeah, I know - I feel like I'm selling out. Believe me though, it's a little more complicated than it might appear .
Oh yeah, I'm applying because I want the benefits and security... and I do like the job/organisation, honest.
Security may also be a benefit for your company. Why do you think they are looking for permanent employee? Having contractors work with complex IT systems may be quite risky if the employee can leave the company the next day.
"After several years of working for myself as a contracter, I would like to once again be part of a bigger organisation where I can help others using my skills and experience and also have the opportunity to learn more directly from coworkers".

or something like that
You basicly like the company. And feel it's a great place to work and would like to settle down and be able to commit more to it and get on.
Johnny English
Would be kinda cool if you can word it to express that whilst it is essential that the company must be happy with employing a candidate, you feel it is also essential that the employee is also happy at the company. And whoppedy dooo - you have a head start on anyone else 'cos you have already worked there and know that you like it.

That all said the thought of being PAYE is so totally alien to me I cannot figure why anyone does it. Its like, you rock up to work every day and pretty much whether you skive around at the coffee machine, or work your nuts off - you get the same paycheck every month of exactly €xxx.xx

I mean for crissakes I skive waaaaaaaaay too much already and I am self-employed. If I was working for someone else on a fixed wage I seriously wonder if I would ever get out of bed at all.
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