Academic qualifications on a business card - Germany

Do you include them, and if so, where?

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Its appropriate/sometimes necessary to put your designation/post on the Business card, particularly in large cooperations. However, would you put your qualification (e.g., MSc/MEng) on your Business card (in Germany + European customers)? If yes, where in the card is it located? besides your name?
yes, right after your name.
no - only use your professional qualifications or proper post grad quals like Dr or Prof.

Putting a masters on is a bit try hard even in germany
Small Town Boy
Yes; Germans focus a lot of attention on titles and qualifications. The format is:

John Smith (MSc.)
In my experience, people usually put "Dr." (or Ph.D., MD, etc.) and specific professional qualifications (e.g. CFA), but they usually do not put their "normal" university degrees (Dipl.-Kfm., MBA, etc.). Some do, though.
i'd put MBA as that really means something specific, normal masters can be generic

If I was a DPhil I wouldn't put it either - shows you couldn't hack a phd.

Personally I have : Lassie ACA

I'd never put Lassie MA ACA - looks crap (plus I don't have an MA)

one chap at work has Prof Dr Tosser Wirtschaftsprüfer which always cracks me up.
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Oh, and I'm talking more about finance/business admin here, not specific industries which are probably different
but they usually do not put their "normal" university degrees (Dipl.-Kfm., MBA, etc.). Some do, though.
Maybe it's only some that do it, but I've seen "MBA" on business cards very often.
Most of my colleagues put in their qualification whether it is Dr or not.

I have an MEng so I use it. It took me 5 bloody years to get it so I don't see anything wrong with including it.

I guess it depends what industry you're in how much other accreditations count. For me there is nothing that could be classed as more valuable than my degree from a professional body standpoint, so I use my degree.
Like Lassie, I just put CA after my name. I do not put my university degree as it is not as relevant as the professional qualification.
Colleagues tend to do the same, although in the UK they tended to use full qualifications more often.
Small Town Boy
In Britain I wouldn't put it on because, as Lassie says, it's trying to hard. In Germany I would if it was a Masters (or equivalant) or higher; BA or BSc is unfortunately nothing too special in Germany.
Maybe it's only some that do it, but I've seen "MBA" on business cards very often.
Hmmm, on second thoughts, I agree that it seems to be more common to put "MBA" than -say- "Dipl.-Kfm.".
Why not do what I do and have 2 versions.

1 With my job title and Qualifications
1 With only my name on it

If I feel it appropriate or needy to show who I am or the level at which I play they get the 1st.
If it is going to make me look a Muppet and make them think why the hell is the Financial Director with 7 years Uni education out servicing my alarm, then I would go for the second!

Horses for courses, however our company is a 2 man band, and the question was for a large organisation.

Just my suggestion!

My brother also holds a very high industry specific qualification and is the youngest person in Britain to hold it so we tend to use it as a USP.

The whole topic reminds me of a film think it is Vanilla Sky’s?
I do.

In Austria, I use Magister. It's official.

So the card says:

Mag. Thomas Lastname, BSc, MBA

And I go by Herr Magister Meyer.

Playing the title card here gives great mileage.
Ah, maybe I'll put my MBA because my ear- and nose-picker boss doesn't even have a Diplom.
Titles aside, I for one hope that the archaic practise of bloody business cards dies, and dies soon. They disgust me, and remind me of dicks who wear suits and work in sales because they are not qualified to do a real job. Wanna send me your adress? Email it, or infra red it, or anything that does not involve some gay little rectangle of paper. It's 2007. PAper to me is only used to wrap around weed to make reefers.
And another thing, all that gay bullshit you are meant to go through if by chance a bloody Japanese gives you a card. Bow, pretend to read card with interest, bow. More bowing. Take your shoes off. Bow.
Fuck that. I don't bow for anyone other than the Queen of England, and my shoes stay on for a good reason you dopey nip, my feet smell.

If you must have a gay business card and look like a complete muppet, get one of a decent thickness - not too thick, not too thin, - so that I can at least use it for roach.
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