Locations of U.S. military bases in Germany

And info on nearby stores that carry US products

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I was wondering where the US Military bases are in Germany, and what it's like near them? Basically, I was wondering if there is any benefit to an American "civilian" going around these areas.

I've heard that US Citizens who are in Germany (even on tourist visas) can sometimes find work there more easily than elsewhere in Germany (I guess because of the language issue?). I was also wondering if just outside of the bases an American might be more likely to find stores with American products like groceries, magazines, etc...

So, what's the story on the US Military bases in Germany?
Depends on who you know. When I was younger I did some voluntary social work in a military hospital (assisted doctors) for fun and they issued me a card and I could get around anywhere on base and I am not an American citizen.
the one at Garmisch is good for a regular supply of Oreos and Mountain Dew.

And protecting southern Bavaria from those evil Austrians.
The big benefit is if you can get commissary previledges. Then you have tax-free discounted grocery shopping with all the normal American brands. mmmm mountain dew, peanut butter cap'n crunch, REAL peanut butter...

It depends on what kind of job you are looking for. It's pretty easy to get a job as a store clerk or something, but a lot of politics enters the game when you go looking for higher paying jobs. They are also pretty strict on qualifications and such. There is also a lot of competition from 'connected' military wives.
I think they are looking for teachers for schools on various military bases. If you are interested pm me.
I volunteer at the theater so have a limited access pass. I cannot sign anyone else on. I cannot shop at the PX, but I can pop into the Subway or whatever other restaurant is around. And I know some Germans who have the same pass. It's also only limited to HD & MA.
All of the above posts are incorrect to one degree or another (Except for the base locations)

What Benefits do you have to US Military shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, etc. if you are just here as a tourist?
Answer = NONE

Can't I still get access to the base and go shopping as a Tourist?
Answer = YES, But only if you know somebody in the military willing to sign you in and escort you around.
Make sure you bring your Passport, or German ID Card, otherwise you won't be getting in.

There a 3 main job catagories. GS, TESA (Gov Contractor), and Local National.
Only the GS and TESA Civilians, have an ID card and thus full access to all the shopping, stores, tax free gas, Medical, etc.
Just as if they ere in the military. Local nationals don't get anything execpt access to enter the base. ID cards are checked
at all the stores (Execpt usually The food courts) so unless you have an ID card (Smartcard actually) you don't get dick...

GS jobs can be gotten while here on a tourist visa, but it's so difficult to do it's almost impossible. Same with TESA contractors.
Also there are Legal laws (Both German and US) which prevent most of these positions from being sourced from the local
country (Also has to do with classified/Security clearance). Atleast 95% of the people who have these jobs are hired from
the US, and paid to move to Germany. DOD Schools, DODDEA, and other support agencies that are made of professionals
are also in this group.

Local nationals, are hired locally (Duh), don't get any benefits, any job which may have a Classified nature, and are usually
Sales reps, Fast food vendors, cleaning staff, etc. Basically crap jobs...

So if you want the good job with all the bene'es.. Then go back to the US, and start your job searching at monster.com
Look for companies, like Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Loral, etc. Look for jobs in the "Military" section as well.

Good luck
try the cpol (civililian personnel office online) or google army resume builder.

Those sites let you create an online resume (the only way to apply) and search the jobs. You don't have to be in the US, but it definitely helps. There is the security clearance requirement for most jobs and that can take up to 6 months to process (not to mention the 11 page form).
Thanks for all the answers! Mostly it seems like there is no point even bothering to look for US Bases I guess.

Hearing more about it! Getting a job was only a minor part, just curious about part time work for my wife, IF she chooses to do it. I do not think I will quit our main source of income to go back to the US to find her a part time job in Germany for her that she probably does not want anyway, just on the chance to get US Peanut Butter. Sounds pretty pointless.

I really do not want to go on base... that wasn´t the question. I would have thought the Germans would have at least made a SLIGHT effort to take a few bucks off the GIs... So, I thought one might find some US stuff off base, but near the base. I guess not, but that answers one of my two questions.

And I guess I was totally unclear about the second part. First, I guess I must state CLEARLY that I am capable of searching google and wikipedia myself, and I did search for US Military bases in Germany. However, it gave me names of towns I have never heard of, so it did not help at all with locations. I was hoping more for a map, or someone telling what big metro areas they are near.
PS: The Security Checks have been overloaded for the last 4 years. The waiting time is somewhere near 1.5 years now.
Even for Active Duty Military, which have priority over any Civ.'s

Correction: Access to Shopping centers on US Bases...
1. German Local hires don't have access to the BX/PX, or food stores.
2. ID card holders that buy stuff in the stores and resell to germans (Think of a stores supply source)
can be fired (Civi) or brought up on charges (Mil.) Small amount of stuff, or small boxes of stuff etc. can be given as a gift.
but must not exceed a certain $ amount 1-2 time per person per year. (This is the Official law) However The gifts thing is
usually overlooked, just don't think your going to supply a US Food store on the Economy this way
3. Part-Time job for the wife.. The nearest Base is 2-2.5 hours up the road on the czech border. The base in Garmisch is
only a small Recreation and training school (Think collage classes) there arn't that many job openings there.

You don't have to go back to the US for her to get a job. I just mentioned the standard procedure. She can goback to the US
and see family,visit,etc. then when she comes back to Germany, she would be under the TESA/GS system and would get the bene's.
There are loopholes, wether a company chooses to use them is another matter.
I lived in Germany when the greatest threat to the West was Yugoslavia so it was easy to access the bases. I did use them sporadically for a few things, although I always felt a bit funny as spending too much time there defeats the purpose of living in Germany. I used their washing machines as the wait in my Studentwohnheim was archaic. I found them a good source for cheap haircuts although I had to make sure they did not make me look like a Marine. I went once or twice to the cinema for some films I wanted to see in the original English (Spike Lee stuff does not translate). I was amazed that they play the national anthem and everyone stands. And this Ami had to get a fix of American football and bbq ribs (washed down with Hefes in abundance). It was not my world, but I was always treated with courtesy by the Americans and Germans who worked there.

They are also mildly interesting as they are relics of the occupaton and the Cold War. I would think they won't be there for much longer.

Try that link.

However be warned the commute up there is a pain in the arse from Munich.
Badlandz, some places with bases:

Kaiserslautern (KMC: Ramstein etc.)

--> All in the southwest of Germany in Baden-Württemberg, Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz, all more or less 20-150km around the Heidelberg-Mannheim area.

Bavaria has:
and some more I think in the north of Bavaria.

There are probably loads missing as I just did this off the top of my head, but basically when you live in Munich there aren't any too close to where you live.

There is also a lot of competition from 'connected' military wives.
As far as I know, military wives and other dependants just are preferred as they do not actually have a choice where to work.
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