H&M stores in Munich

Several new shops opened in October 2004

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Editor Bob
Wake up all you style starved shoppers of Munich because H&M's latest endeavor proves a glorious feast of color, cuts and high fashion straight from the runways. Located where the GAP used to be, the fourth H&M shop to open on Kaufingerstrasse fills a niche that the other branches leave bare. This latest addition to the Swedish chain store deviates from the other shops in stock as well as appearance. Hippie beads in blue, green and red lead the way into green and white dressing rooms, while wild colors flaunt the walls, mirroring the Pucci prints and styles sold on the floor. ...

H&M launches a fourth shop on Kaufingerstr.

The ground floor offers accessories galore, with an array of hats, jewelry, cosmetics and even shoes to pick from. The first floor serves to men, with funkier coats, jeans and '70s style underwear. The second floor is devoted to women, with a mix of jeans, t-shirts, and Prada inspired prints. For those tired of seeing their wardrobe displayed on other people around the city, the yellow section offers vintage clothes at decent prices, for him and her. On the lower level, amongst the murals of purples grapes and pink butterflies, H&M's popular snoopy underwear is laid out, together with the sexier options.

All in all, this new shop is a breath of fresh air for those of us craving funkier styles at affordable prices. It is the closest Munich has ever come to providing an edge like TOPSHOP does in the UK. Hopefully it is only the beginning.

The three other H&M branches on Kaufingerstrasse are:

The large H&M closest to Marienplatz. This caters to the more business-like dressers, with suits for men and women, as well as the ground floor devoted to children's clothing.

For those seeking subdued, classier clothes, the women's H&M store in Arcade offers 4 floors of sports clothing, lingerie and classier clothes.

The smaller H&M at Kaufingerstrasse 24 is currently under construction and will relaunch as an all men's H&M on 4th November 2004.

In addition there are two H&M stores at the Olympia shopping center, one at the PEP in Neuperlach Süd, and one in the Riem Arcade.
BEST shop in Germany!

They just need a Topshop now!
And a Burtons please! Hopefully more shops will mean less of the AWFUL queues they have in H+M sometimes.
There's always congestion on the spiral stairs.
I was at one of their opening nights during the Oktoberfest (30th Sept.). Stumbling from the tents down kaufingerstr. We saw that there was a party around 12pm at night. Using my charm I managed to get in and get a free drink and a free t-shirt.
I hate H&M. Everyone wears the cheap shit. Get me an Abercrombie store here immediately.
Might be cheap but isnt shit.

Well what do you want us to wear? NEW YORKER? UGH!
Does anyone know when demigod Karl Lagerfeld will launch his "Karl Lagerfeld for H&M" collection?
3 Lions
The day a TopMan & Burton come to Munich is the day I leave!!
H & M do those tacky poster ads which immediately puts me off them
The Karl Lagerfeld Collection is coming on the 12th of November, for a limited time only.
I realise it's incredibly un-pc of me, but I miss the Gap! H&M clothes don't ever fit right. At least the Gap was dependable in its fits - s, reg. and l. The clothes were mostly wearable, and lasted (most of the time) beyond 3 washings.

H&M is a whole different target market. Cheap, 80's-inspired colourful crap.
but Gap stuff is BOOOOORING

Who's Karl Lagerfeld?
D&G Bloke
H&M stuff is shite. FACT.
U re asking what else to wear than H&M? HELLO? Open your eyes, Rudolph.

Again, as I said and others elaborated: H&M is cheap shit and won't endure more than a couple of washings.

So I rather buy one instead of three sweaters but will have that one last for a while.
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