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Munich ex-resident, hacker, playboy, MEGA titan

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Editor Bob
Kim Schmitz is Germany's most notorious computer hacker. His hacking crimes as a teenager in Munich led to him spending a couple of months in jail. It's not just his hacking that has brought him notoriety but also his extremely flambuoyant lifestyle. After being busted for hacking, Kim Schmitz decided put his skills to good use by starting a computer security company called Data Protect. In the year 2000 he sold of 80% of this company for many millions of Euros. He's since been spending these millions to fund his globe-trotting lifestyle. He posts photos on his website which show him frolicking with models on Caribbean beaches, road racing in Thailand, and deplaining from his private jet in the giant designer suits he has custom-made. "Giant" suits because Kimble is a big man. He stands 6'7 tall and weighs over 150 Kilos.

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Kim Schmitz was born the in the Northern port city of Kiel in 1973. He is the youngest of 3 children. When his parents divorced he moved to Munich with his mother. It was in Munich that he grew up and spent many hours learning how to hack into public utility companies and banks. He managed to steal many tens of thousands of Deutsche Marks from German banks. In 1994 he was apprehended by the authorities and spent a brief spell in jail. The case came to court in 1998 but he was let off with the relatively light sentence of 2 years probation due to his crimes being committed when he was still a juvenile.

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With the fortune made from the sale of Data Protect, Kimble has funded various start up companies including the investment company Kimvestor, Popstars TV, and the aggregate buying website has its headquarters in London but most of the staff now work on the Osterwaldstrasse in Schwabing, Munich. Kimble no longer spends so much time in Munich but he is spotted out and about on occasion. There is a "Kim Schmitz" currently registered as living on Humboldtstrasse in Giesing.

Kimble's latest brush with the law was on 11th November 2003 when he appeared before a Munich court on charges of insider trading. Here he was handed down a sentence of 20 months probation. In the meantime Kimvestor is now insolvent and Kimble's latest project is to write his own biography.

Kim Schmitz's own website: Kimble
The "truth" about Kimble: Kimble-Doku
Kim is a liar. He's a cheater. He ain't no Hacker at all. He wasn't even busted for hacking. Believe me, nothing about him is true. Google the Internet and correct the article, please.
Kimble never funded Letsbuyit. He only said, he would invest 50 million, but he never did. It was an illegal publicity stunt to raise the stock price of Letsbuyit. Kim Schmitz was sentenced for insider trading.

I have never heard that he stole money from banks.
miz pigy
u look like a pig!= our friend harriet
He Rox!

That's it!

GTFO boys.
loved watching him on Gumball 3000, 2004. legend. hope to make it there with you one day.
B.D.L. Kruysifix
I don't know anything about Kimble, but I think he has done one hell of a job. With his age and that achievement. He is some sort of an example for me. I certainly would like some advise from him.
Kimble bigupyourself,

Benjamin Kruysifix
I'm confused. You say you don't know anything about Kimble but you still have an opinion about him?

And what do you mean by 'his achievement'? What exactly has he actually achieved other than being a broke criminal unable to ever pay back the damage he caused?

You say he's an example to you. You mean you want to be fat like him and be seen with pretty schickimicki chicks that everyone knows will never allow you to touch them?

And what kind of advice would you like from him? How to best waste all your non-existant wealth made up by loaned money that you never earned and spend it efficiently on gold-digging hoes and still not getting laid?
Kimble ownz I heard on the news He drove in Antwerp(Belgium) and thats where I live! He was so close to me then. On the road he drove (the A12) you may only drive 90kmh there, my record is 170kmh but Kim drove 240 there! That guy ownz
I really want to meet him and I hope I can compete with him in future in a Gumball Rally or Ultimate Rally

if you visit the site (of kim) and you read some of the stuff that is written there, then it's pretty obvious that this guy is not very "clear" in his head, not to say that he is completly crazy, he calls himself "his royal excellency king kimble from the kimpire" and lives up like a real maffiosi. I can't believe how a guy like this is still walking as a free man... (and the dude looks as stupid)
btw. @ Jan: endangering other people on a (always) very crowded road seems not very though to me (I know the A12 because I'm also from belgium)
Walter V
Maybe Kim Schmitz has swindled investors or other people, but in that manner he is not unique and even a small business man, compared with Worldcom, Enron, LHSP and other financial scandals.

Kim Schmitz shows always himself and stays a cool man!

See also : Kim Schmitz, the Legend unveiled?
Kimble is a true liar and big child with ego problems. He was never a hacker. His only "success", Data Protect, was only a stock market hype, nothing more. Everything he got is not his own, everthing is only rented. Big mouth, small ego. Very stupid personality...
Only a big fat stock market hype... Everybody that gives this big mouth money, gives him money for his lifestyle and the next investor is astonished about his luxury lifestyle. The fat stock market hype attacks people in networking forums because they look not like a cheap bitch, who is ugly?

Everything he said returns again to himself. Who is always searching for money?

HE IS A BIG JOKE AND NO INVESTOR (entrepreneur). Please correct the article, i think Munich can be happy to loose such a ridiculous personality. I hope no one is loosing anymore money of his false claims.
stop hating on kim just cuz u can't do what he does... kimble ownz and whether you would like to admit it or not, he worked hard for his money and has more that you or any of your ancestors will see in their lifetime.
No amount of money can hide the fact that he is one ugly fat kraut sod
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