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Locating other New Zealanders in town

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after spending a couple of months in beautiful, beautiful New Zealand this year, I would love to get in touch with these so absolute friendly New Zealanders back home in Munich as well!!!
But... where are the Kiwis???
Glued to the news reports about winter storms in Wellington.

Check some profiles Sunny_you, and you'll find some Kiwis.
Here's one!

and Kza is another...

At least the storms in NZ are in the middle of winter, not like the storms in Cornwall in the middle of summer
Oh? Theres storms in Wellington? Ah well, thats the north island, practically another country really...
Here's another one!
And we are nice, even though we are also sarcastic and like to take the piss out of others sometimes (refer SteveNZ and Kza).
I'm one too, by name and nature! (small sqat flightless bird with a long beak who eats insects...)

After wandering the streets of England for a year and moaning about spending a couple of grand to get to the other side of the planet and meeting nothing but Kiwis I would LOVE to hear a friendly accent and get an update on Shorty Street. Hang on, scrub that, am pretty glad to have weeknights at 7pm Dr Warner free. Anyone gone to the Kiwi/Aussie group at the pub behing the Aussie shop? The shop owner was telling me about it but wonder if it's worth going to. Need to find some friends
Any of you guys play rugby, in MRFC there are a few kiwis there playing
you can details from its all in english
Hey im a kiwi as well but Im living in Reutlingen which is close to Stuttgart...I dont think there are any Kiwis in this town...but im glad in munich they are a few.
Does anyone know of any kiwis up in the nordrhein/westphalen area?
Didn't you know...after a recent poll it was decided to ship them all to Berlin...sorry
go figure

Just wanted to take a few minutes to wish you all a happy Waitangi Day. It's a great feeling to be able to celebrate our national day which comemorates the unification of the two main cultures of our humble country, the Maori and the English. It's a wonderful feeling to know that our country celebrates a day where the English totally screwed the Maori over by making them sign the English language version of the treaty which was in parts a contradiction to the Maori version which they were read and then signed. So while they thought the were signing a treaty to allow these religious do-gooder white folk to live peacefully in their land, they were actually signing a piece of paper giving the whole damn country over to them. And now, 160 odd years later we're still paying for this with land claims, garden sit-ins, "you can't fish here, the ocean belongs to us" claims and all the p c bullenscheisse that goes with ripping another people off.

So, good on ya NZL, keep on celebrating this day of colonial fascism, but when will someone read the Vienna Convention which states that all treaties are valid in the language of the native people who are signing, in this case, oh, the Maori...right now it is English 1: Maori 0, looking forward to the rematch...
Owain Glyndwr
but when will someone read the Vienna Convention which states that all treaties are valid in the language of the native people who are signing
have you actually read the Vienna Convention? I think maybe not. It seems you are just repeating something you may have heard. The precise text of the treaty is somewhat different and states that when a treaty is signed in two languages, if the parties so wish, one language can prevail as authoritative, shoukld differences occur between the two texts. It does NOT say that a treaty has to be signed in the native language of the natgive people.

oh and the convention was signed in 1969.
Haha it wasnt quite like that K1w1.
The British Empire wanted to stay right out of NZ. The Confederation of United Tribes first signed the Declaration of Independance in 1835 which most setlers and the British crown were happy with. It wasnt until later, when the chiefs had problems keeping law and order, that they begged the British to assume sovereignity. Hence the treaty of Waitangi. It was a good thing in the day, and helped form a new way of looking at colonialism that was fairer to both sides than anything that came before it. Sure, there were instances of land stealing by the government, and breaches of the treaty, but compensating for these injustices has been dealt with very effectivley by the waitangi tribunal.

Please leave words like facism well out of any discussion on New Zealand history.

dr warner
any other jaffas out there?
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