450 Euro basis jobs - minijobs for €450 per month - Germany

What they are and how the system works exactly

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recently moved here and currently looking for work,
what i was wanting to know is that i keep seeing adverts etc saying something about 400euro basis or something along those lines. What exactly are the meaning there??? If anyone can shed light on that for me, that would be great.

Hi Trickykid, welcome to Munich and TT.

"EUR 400 basis" is a special kind of part time job where you are not liable for full taxation and social security payments and neither is the employer.

Typical for this (cos it's limited to paying €400 a month!) would be (say) a couple of days work in a shop or a part time cleaning job.

Good Luck job hunting!
My experience of EUR 400- a month jobs are that they are full time. But I was desperate so I took it Though I think I got 1 afternoon off a week or something.
Also, some work experience placements (if generous) go on that basis and pay you EUR 400. Usually a cash-in-the-hand job, no taxes.
At €2,50 an hour if it was full time i would be a low paid job!

But UA is on the right track, these are lower paid jobs. Sometimes "EUR400 Basis" is sued for a part of the job and if it is full time the rest is paid strictly cash in hand, illegally of course.

These jobs are OK for a start but not full time really.
These are called "minijobs" in Germany. Anyone over 16 years old can have one. You can be paid up to max €400 per month without any deductions. It doesn't even need to be the same every month. The employer has to pay some standard contributions for tax, social insurance any pension - he pays around €125 for you to get the full €400. There used to be limitations on pay per hour or hours per week, but these are no more. If your employer thinks you are worth €400 an hour there's nothing to stop him paying you the full €400 for an hours work, just as he can pay you €2.50/hour for 160 hours a month. It's all down to negotiation.

The jobs are best suited to shop assistants, working mothers and part-time work.

The real problem is that it costs the employer shedloads more to pay you anymore on a more formal basis. For example, if you were to earn €500 a month in your hand you'd actually have to earn around €675 a month before deductions and the employer has over €200 to pay on top, so you cost him €875, almost twice as much. For this reason of inequality, most employers prefer to take on or three folks at €400 a month rather than one at €1200 (net)...

And what's with these 1€ jobs that were in the news last week?
The €1 jobs are part of the "reform" (Axe swinging really, but that's another thread) of the social security laws from January.

If you are long term unemployed (on the new Arbeitslosengeld II) then you can be required to work for a charity or local authority for which you will get paid €1 / hour on top of your benefits.

One trade union leader was quoted as that is too similar to compulsory work under Hitler.

The employers say that €1 is too high and it shoud be 50 cents an hour.

The discussion goes on to the whole issues about the cost of labour in its broadest sense.
Call me a fascist, but I like the idea.

can anybody help, my wife has just got herself a part time job on the €400 basis. Her last pay packet came to exactly €400.

However a friend of ours has said that her employer must pay the Amt (don´t know which one) €50 and she can then only earn €350 per month max otherwise she will have have to pay tax. It´s no good asking her boss as he doesn´t know himself. Has anybody had any experience in this matter?

I'm not to sure of the exact details and I'm sure somebody will be able to give a more precise answer later, but I'm pretty sure your wife can earn her 400€ without any problems.

It is certainly true that the employer has to pay a "Pauschal" payment for social security etc. which I believe is 20% i.e. 40€, but the point is, the employer must pay this, not the employee.
yes, and you have to watch out for rat bastard employers who deduct this from the pay packet! this has happened a lot, as many people doing those jobs are too scared to complain...
I'm about to take on staff, and one option is the minijob. I'm 99.9% sure the employee pays NUFFIN extra.

I KNOW 100% that the employer pays

11 % extra social (sickness) security
12 % on pension costs
and 2 % tax
Thanks, you´ve been a great help
Tell us how you get on!
Hi Was wondering if anyone could help me out regarding 400 Euro jobs - I am wanting to know the following:
1)How many hours does one work for 400 Euro - is this fixed or does it depend on the firm - Is it usual for these jobs to get a schedule of the hours a month ahead of time or do most call on demand - any chance to get this type of job and negotiate the days and hours one would like to work - is this typical in Germany for this type of job or not at all? What in holidays does one get (if any at all)
2) Is the 400 Euro taxable?
3) Does the firm have to register you for social benefits - medical insurance ect or is it a flat 400 Euro payment
4) any comments on a 400 Euro job - anyone tried it out ?
Would appreciate any info
Thanks allot and have a great evening

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