Picking out good mangos at the market

How to spot a stringy one without cutting it

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I've just got myself a mango in the supermarket and as I am quite ignorant in general and more specifically in matters concerning mangos I don't know yet whether I will really enjoy it or end up picking the strings out of my teeth. Is there any way you can tell what it will be like before cutting it?
If there are tiny white specks on the outside of the mango then odds are it'll be stringy.
Ok, mine has tiny white specks. But does that mean that when there are no white specks the odds are that it won't be stringy?
Possibly, but then again possibly not. I made up that thing about the white specks.
Next time you buy a mango may you choke on it.
trust your greengrocer. The ones they fly from Thailand and cost 8 Euros each are not stringy. The other ones are.

Unless you're very lucky!
It depends on whether you are buying a ripe or a raw mango.

If it is raw, then smell it, if it smells sour then it will be 100% stringy. Mostly these type of mangoes are meant for cooking and used in pickles. Of course when they are ripe they are very sweet and juicy as well, but you have to bear with the strings.

When they smell sweet or not sour then they are eatable even when raw and mostly they will be sweet and without strings. When ripe they does not have much juice but will have more flesh in it.

When you are buying a ripe mango its difficult to say whether it has strings, but as I said if it looks soft and juicy it will surely have strings and if it is hard even when the colour of the mango is yellowish then it will surely be a mango without strings.

Hope you buy my theory. But practically looking at the shape of the mango we can say if it is with strings or not, but then you have to know a wide variety of mangoes. So some things long and thin are stringy something round and bulged in the middle are non stringy.

Mangos can't do midair refuelling so no way do they fly them all the way from Thailand.

Personally I'ld go for the ones with the sign "no strings attached".
@Yeti, I think Mangos are good for like a week so no worries about strings attached.
mango - touch the bottom end of it and press gently, if it dips a bit its ready to eat if not, wrap in newspaper and keep it (no refrdigeration) outside for a a couple of days and it will be ready!
Or buy a papaya instead. Never any stringy bits in those.

arshoo is right, wrapping in newspaper or a paper bag will help it ripen, don't keep it in the fridge and give the thing a good old sniff in the shop, if it smells all gorgeous, then it probably is.
if it smells all gorgeous, then it probably is.
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