English-speaking call centre jobs in Germany

Tips on how and where to find such work

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Hi folks,

I am new to the site and I am hoping somebody can help or give me some pointers on where to look for jobs. I am moving over to Germany either during or after the summer. My German is fairly rusty (fairly rusty being a euphemism for fairly crap!) so I was hoping to find something in a call centre that looks to hire English speakers in any of the major cities in BW, preferably Stuttagart (or towards south, as my girlfriend will be living near Konstanz until the new Year. So if anyone knows of any companies/business's that fit the above criteria of what I am looking for then by all means send on any info to me about anything related to getting jobs as an English speaker in Germany.Thanks a million & may meet some of you'se for some beers when I eventually make it over. Cheers..
Didsbury's Daftest
Have a look here, but you'll need to brush up on your German mate.
Can someone please provide a list of call centres that hire english speaking folks. there are so many references to these jobs but little mention of the actual companies

My friend in Berlin got a HR call centre job for Deutsche Bank through this company (see link)
damn my bad german...think i may have to get my friend to help me with this. cheers anyway
Clare Edwards

I require English speaking staff for a call centre in Romanshorn, this is about 40 mins away from Konstance as this is where i am also based.

if you are intrested please contact me at the following address clareedwards82@hotmail.com
It may sound a bit odd - but have you tried typing in the monster.de keyword search field just "english" or "englisch"? You could also type in call centre (not center, which tends to bring job ads only in German.) and track down vacancies that way.

Jobserve.com (uk site, not so much German site) used to post a LOT of ads in english but for abroad. Eurolondon appointments - not sure what they're up to nowadays, but you could try them as well as expatica.com in the HR section...
HI - i am looking for call centre agents and senior staff like Team managers and call centre managers in the Hamburg area???

If you are interested mail me on tanja@phisssh.com.

Please let me know what role you are interested in and send me a copy of your CV.


Hi Tanja,

Do you accept non-EU citizen (Asian) in that call centre? I don't speak German except for the standard greetings
I am in the call centre industry for 8 years and currently based in Singapore. I want to move to Germany because of my boyfriend but we're not ready to tie the knot just so I can move there.
Since you are not a citizen of a country listed in §34 BeschV, you would need to apply for a work permit in your country of citizenship or residence and you'll most probably have difficulty obtaining a work permit for a call centre job. See the wiki for more information.

For a professional estimation of your chances of receiving a work permit, you might want to have your boyfriend post a question on info4alien.
Hello Tanja.
I am living in Dresden and have my residency and am able to work as soon as possible. Do you know of any openings in Dresden?
Thank you!
hello guys

I really need a job ,i moved over here late last year to be with my wife from nigeria and at moment doing my B1 deutsch certificate , and i have B.sc in marketing , can speak basic german .can someone give me tips on how i can get job in düsseldorf , or any area in NRW .


my partner and I are coming over from the UK and are looking for work, can anyone point us in the right direction please. We have previously worked in customer service roles and are very experienced dealing with the general public. We have worked abroad before and are willing to relocate where there is the best chance to obtain employment in an English speaking role. Thank you
Here in Munich, I quite often see vacancies for customer support/service/call centre related jobs. Personally, I wouldn't leave my ccuntry for this kind of work. If your partner has a well-paid job, you can give it a go, but it is a badly organised industry with high fluctuation of staff, no minimum wages, irregular working times and unrealistic targets. Of course, there are exceptions, but it is hard to find the right employer in this industry.
Hi all,

I'm reviving this topic in the hopes that someone out there might be hiring. I'm a US citizen who has just moved to Filderstadt, Ba-Wü (near Stuttgart). A call center job would be great, but I'm looking for anything. Nanny, housekeeper, janitor - I'm not above a hard day's work. I have worked with kids as a teacher (taught all ages - 6 months to adult), and also have extensive customer service experience (including retail management).

I don't expect to find a great position in Germany, seeing as how I'm not even an EU citizen, but any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading

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