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Info on housing, daily shopping, transport, etc.

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My first year in germany was spent in augsburg. In that time I learned German very quickly through necessity as no-one, well hardly anyone speaks english. As a way of learning the language, which is such an advantage, it worked quite well.

Even my german wife was often asked right out if she was an auslander because she has picked up a bit of my Scottish accent over the years.

Another thing, and this may only be my personal impression, but after living in a community for over a year, people wouldnt even respond to a guten morgen, in fact i was "der schotte das oben wohnt", despite my constant attempts at friendliness (invites for coffee, drinks etc ). I met more friendly and open people in 1 month of living in munich than all that time in various places Augsburg.

Enjoy the city, but dont ever expect to be accepted into a community as quickly as you would in munich.
Wow, that is really sad what the last post says because I am moving to Augsburg in about 3 weeks, and have expectations that we will befriend our fellow apartment members. Well, then again I have never really lived apt style living...maybe I will be in for a shock. I currently live in Munich, but am moving in with my boyfriend who works in Ulm, and I work in is the middle. Nevertheless, I am super excited to move there and explore yet another town in Germany. Plus I will be in Munich every day, and to be completely honest I haven't found the people in Munich to be all that uber friendly either...
Hi, I'll be moving to Augsburg in June. I'd like to know if anybody has an advice on living in Nord Augsburg or Gersthofen or Oberhausen. I'll be working at Donauwoerth but I plan to live in Nord Augsburg and commute to Donauworth. I need to be closer to bigger city rather then live in very small down like Donauwoerth. How long does it take from Augsburg to Donauwoerth with train? thanks
Johnny English

Looks like 30mins on the quick train and 40mins on the slow but both without a change.
Aussie Steve

I have lived in Munich for over two years but have been to Augsburg dozens of times. The local tram and bus network is fantastic with Augsburg itself being a very compact beautiful city with nothing too far away. If travelling to Munich I suggest taking the train as the trip on the normal slower service is still just under a hour long journey. you can add another 30 min if driving by the time you find a car park.

My german is pretty bad and you will find alot less fluent english speakers but is much more laid back living style. They have an american style shopping centre with a hundred or so shops under one roof and is fantastic for shopping epecially with small kids.

In general the locals are pretty tolerant of broken german and will help you if they can. Its a really safe city as well. Certain times of the year they have some pretty cool festival parties in the middle of the town.

There are some really nice towns around Ausburg as well although can be a bit boring for night life. If your hungry for a good steak highly suggest farmers steak house located on the main road B2.

Enjoy the change

Aussie Steve
Does anyone know of many english speaking companies that are based in Augsburg, I am looking to move over there to be with my girlfriend, but my german is still quite poor although getting better. So I was hoping to get a job where I could speak english. I am an IT professional in London but am willing to do most sorts of work.
hey guys

is anyone of you still in augsburg? would be cool to catch up with someone there. if u want just send me a msg...should be fun ay

cyas around
Hi, In response to Joe Frank's question, I live in the next village to Gersthofen and it's not a bad wee town/village (if you like cakes it has a wicked konditorei)- the people are generally pretty nice and helpful. I would try to learn at least some German before you come here if you plan to live in Gersthofen itself tho, as believe it or not the 15 mins journey to Augsburg makes quite a difference in terms of whether people speak English or not (at least that's my experience). I get by with my 'grammatically inept but gets me understood' German and people are usually really tollerant of mistakes, I find. If you're coming over from somewhere more cosmopolitan you might want to consider moving into Augsburg itself, because Gersthofen is still quite small-towny I would say despite being so close. Anyway, the upshot is that if you like smaller town life you'd probably like Gersthofen and the journey to Augsburg really is nothing. If you prefer living in a city I'd move into Augsburg itself because the feeling is quite different being in the city itself. At least that's my experience! I find Augsburg a really nice city to be living near to in any case. Good luck with the move.
Johnny English
people are usually really tollerant of mistakes
For God's sake learn to spell tolerant you moran.
im thinking about moving to augsburg, and i only have one friend in the area... i speak really basic german, but im a pretty good learner, and i think that living there i will pick it up pretty quickly. i have no idea how to go about looking for work or a place to live before i get out there, so im kinda stressed because i have no idea what im doing... i've never even been out of the US before. so anybody that would like to talk, give advice or anything, im pretty much open to it
Hey, yep im still in augsburg...

very tolerant JE... hehe
CPM, thanks for you tips. Yes, I'm used to live in a city and I do plan to move to the Augsburg. I just have to commute everyday to work to Donauwoerth. I guess it wouldn't be that bad, I got to get used to it.
Once again. Thanks a lot for your tips.


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Augsburg is a great town to live, especially if you live downtown like me you can pretty much sell your car because everything is so close.
A lot of people live in Augsburg but work in Munich or Donauwörth ( @Joe Frank: going to Eurocopter? many colleges live in Augsburg).

Augsburg does have an International School and I belive there is a Kindergarten attached to it.
And Augsburg´s university is know for its excellent Business and Law Studies.

If you want to play some sports there are a lot of options. Soccer of course, but you will find more exotic Sports like Ultimate Frisbee or Softball.

I myself love Rugby and you will find us with .
We are working on an English version.
Playing a team sport is in my opinion the best way to get a head start in a new country. And our team is used to new people from all around the world. So come along to ruck and maul, or meet us watching the Six Nations.

Like in almost every town I have been, the local Irish Pubs are the best place to hook up with some fellow expats and get started alright.
Right next to the Königsplatz you´ll find Flannigan´s Post, a good place to start off and has great food as well . Has SKY SPORT
Next option would be Murdock´s Irish Pub at the "Rotes Tor", real Pub atmosphere and a great sports Pub. If they can find the Channel your sport is on they will put it on.
Last in the list is Murphy´s Law. Monday is Quiznight and Thursdays Karaoke I belive.

I hope I could help

CU in Augsburg
paddinton bear
I live in a one horse town called langweid near augsburg.
no chanc of employment, no night life, full of russians ,turks and other more erratic aliens than I.
moving out hee was a big mistake .I am hoping to move to munich very soon. so please all you ex-pats mya I suggest staying near a larger city. a lesson well learnt.
Hi All!

We are a family of 3, my wife, myself and our 8yr old son and we are moving out to Augsburg next month.

We just wondered if anyone had some handy tips eg Doctors nearby (we are in Pfersee) Gynae consultants, German learning schools/courses? Restaurants? Shopping?

Thanks in advance!

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