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Hi TT,

I am trying to plan a day trip down to a couple of sailing areas south of Nuremberg. There are several small towns surrounding this one lake, with Absberg and Pleinfeld being the largest. I want to take a train and then ride my bike around the lake to explore a bit.

I'm thinking about buying a small sailboat, and need to see if getting to this area on a regular basis is logistically realistic.

Does anyone know if there are regular maps that show DB stops and stations? I suppose I could just keep pluging in place names trying to find the closest, but since there seems to be such duplication of names in Germany, that could backfire.

I'm really hoping there is some sort of online map that shows cities/towns, lakes and such, and DB stops.

Any help?
Not really.. The best thing is to use google maps...
Small Town Boy
Bayern Viewer from the catchily-entitled Bayerische Landvermessungsamt has what you need; this is the official Bavarian mapping agency and their maps are 10 trillion times better than the hopeless Google Maps. Log on as a guest and you can flick between aerial view and map view - the difference between this and Google is that there are actually things marked on these maps. Like train stations, for example.
No maps but a list of stops eg.

Nürnberg Hbf ab 13:38 4 RE 4145 RegionalExpress
Schwabach ab 13:48
Roth ab 13:57
Unterheckenhofen ab 14:01
Georgensgmünd ab 14:05
Mühlstetten ab 14:09
Pleinfeld Sa, 24.02.07 an 14:14
Small Town Boy
Or you can use the network maps from the Deutsche Bahn website; click here and select "Streckenkarte für Bayern".
Perfect man...that's what I was looking for.

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