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I live in Bangkok, Thailand. And About to take a business trip to Nuremberg and Hannover. I find lots of info on Bahn Card. But did not understand the concept of the card.

If anyone can help me. I have to take a Train trip From Frankfurt to Nuremberg, Nuremberg To Hannover, Hannover to Frankfurt, And Frankfurt to Firenze(Florence,Italy).

Should I buy Bahn Card?
The Bahn card gives you discount of train travel in Germany, but you must buy the Bahn card. So the concept it quite simple, if you travel a lot with the train, then you will save by getting the bahn card. But you have to judge, if you are not going to make too many trips, if the cost of the bahn card, is cheaper than what you would save.
If I remember correctly, the bahn card is good for a year? Or is it one month? When I did the math it's only useful for many trips, but with you making only those trips listed, then you might be better off just taking the ice train as needed. Check at the ticket counter to be sure.
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The Deutsche Bahn website gives you the journey prices, so you just have to do the maths. Except that you don't, because for some inexplicable reason I've done it for you.

FRA-NUR costs €45
NUR-HAN costs €86
HAN-FRA costs €75
They don't have prices for international trains on the website, but any Bahncard discount will only be valid on the Germany stretch, so you want to make sure you travel via Munich and not via Switzerland. Frankfurt to Kufstein (on the German/Austrian border) costs €91.

Total cost for all four journeys (within Germany): €297.

Cost of Bahncard 25: €53
Savings with Bahncard 25: €74.25

Cost of Bahncard 50: €212
Savings with Bahncard 50: €149

So you'll save a grand total of €21.25 with a Bahncard 25, half of which you now owe me.
TJ :)
Hi! You might want to check this website out: Eurail Pass , or Eurail ,

as I think, in the end, it might be a cheaper and an easier alternative to the Bahncard. When I used it 6 years ago, I had to buy it before I came to Europe as it was only available to me from my country of residence (Philippines). The second website above says you can buy the Eurail Pass in Europe now, though it's more expensive to buy it here than if you buy it in Thailand. Hope this helps
Thanks a lot... Your info is really help! How about if I Travel with my friend(1person)?
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Doesn't make any difference as far as I'm aware; you just have to double all the prices. Unless you're travelling at the weekend, in which case you could use the Schönes Wochenende Ticket.
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According to the Deutsche Bahn, your co-traveller also gets a discount when you have a Bahncard 25 but only if you both book trips at "Sparpreisen" (trips that are offered at discounted prices). But I only found this info in the German pages , couldn't find it in the English ones and I'm not really sure how this works as I've never used it. About the Eurail Pass, as far as I know, your friend will need his own to travel with you.
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Thought that only applied to the Bahncard 50, but it does seem as though it also works on the 25. Problem is, the Sparpreise are only valid on return journeys as far as I'm aware, while lolo19 wants singles.
to get the BC 25 discount, you have to book a return trip, 3 days in advance... oder?
can you get the card outside of germany?
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You have to book a return journey three days in advance in order to qualify for the Sparpreis, but the Bahncard 25 can be used for any ticket, including journeys where you buy your ticket just before you board the train. The Bahncard can be bought from the DB website; they post abroad.
I should have done this ages and ages ago, because I'm often on the rails. So this morning Mme Sin (who has a Bahncard 25) says, "Seeing as you're off on a trip for Tuesday, let's go up to Pasing Bhf and see if you can get a Partner Bahncard 25". Got it, took 10 minutes, cost €5 (including photo) and my ticket price went from €110 to €61,80. Awesome!
let's go up to Pasing Bhf
That's almost in Switzerland right?

You can either go to the HBF, stand in a queue, and finally argue through the plexiglass with a harangued ticket clerk, or you can head out to Pasing, no queue, nice friendly fella offering you all kinds of advice to save money, then when you ask for the nearest photomat he tells you not to worry, he has a digi and will do it for free... Oh! and by the way, if you take this train instead of that train you get another 25% discount.

It is only possible to buy a BahnCard on DB website if you have a german bank account
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