FM4 - Austrian English-language radio station - Germany

Available via cable, or it used to be

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Hi all,

I used to listen to FM4, the Austrian English language radio station, every morning until a week or two ago when it mysteriously disappeared. I presumed someone had messed with the tuner on the radio but when I went looking for it again I couldn't find it. The signal was coming in through cable, I think via cabel deutschland. Someone I work with mentioned that they stopped all Austrian broadcasts because of a dispute with ORF...??
link to online stream!!
Small Town Boy
Still getting it no problem on a normal radio.
Kabel Deutschland decided to take Fm4 off, to make place for a much "better" radio station: 2255live (something like 9live TV, only for radio
104.60 FM if you have a decent antenna!
It's available on different wavelengths depending on whereabouts you are in the city. It's even unavailable in certain parts of Munich.
It's unavailable in certain parts of my flat. Kitchen? No problem. Bathroom? Nope.
s'not english english programs in there, but NOT an english language all...good music though...
Small Town Boy
English-language programmes are weekdays until 2pm. But the news is always in English, on the hour.
eriiki tubbs
I've actually heard the news in French as well on FM4.

It's a damn shame the reception for FM4 is so wonky for us Munchies, can't they just beam it out of Olympiaturm or something?
It's an Austrian station from the fantabulosa ORF who mke this good radio and make better TV than the Germans as well.
They are never going to broadcast it from the Olympiaturm.
There's a conspiracy to stop people in Munich getting ORF signals for which I hope Leo Kirch
one day gets spitroasted in hell by Thomas Gottschalk and Thomas Ohrner.

If you can get it over a normal antenne, good luck to you.
You can get it on the German Astra satellite too.
Good news. Kabel Deutschland has put FM4 back on 93,60. Seems like a lot of people complained...

Excellent! Decent music at last. Thanks for the update.
FM4 is not only a good german, english & french news source/broadcaster - its also pretty much the heart of central european indie, alternative, hip hop, electro, rock and and and all the scenes outside of all that pop pap. ie: its the best radio station ive ever found. unfortunatly i dont get it in the house, but its always on in the car.
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