Advertising straplines

Are they total nonsense?

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Pringles! Once you pop, you cant stop!

What a pile of crap... if this was the case, why do they put a re-sealable lid on the tube?

What commercial strap lines do you remember as being a load of bollox?
Small Town Boy
Budweiser - The King of Beers.
Unigate milk... Watch out, There's a Humphry about!

No there wasn't.. ever!
Pringles! Once you pop, you cant stop
In German, the Pringles tag-line is worse.
Einmal gepoppt, nie mehr gestoppt
Unfortunately poppen is slang for having sex. So possibly not total bullshit, but hardly something to do with resealable tubes. Well, not as a rule.

NOTE: I actually read "Advertising strap-ons" and wondered why the thread was in Misc. Sorry. Do carry on.
the Boy From Bozlem
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Opal Fruits …. ‘Made to make your mouth water’

NO... made to make kids hyper-fooking-active with all the E-numbers!
Batson Creek
I've posted this on another thread, but it gets me every time
"Henkel - A brand like a friend".
Er, you'd have to be seriously sad to have a friend like Henkel.
mr k
How about Ritter Sport, "Quadratisch, Praktisch, Gut".

what the fcuk is practical about a bar of bleedin chocolate??
'Red Bull'- verlieht flügel - Red Bull gives you wings, heck I thought that was 'Always'?
How about Ritter Sport, "Quadratisch, Praktisch, Gut".

what the fcuk is practical about a bar of bleedin chocolate??
The practical bit is the resealable wrapping. But of course you scoff down the whole bar at one sitting and never mind about the wrapping. Philistine!
"Fernsehen wird durch Bild erst schön!" (Bild-TV)
Yeah, because TV without a picture is called radio.
The practical bit is the resealable wrapping.
its resealable? Holy Fuck, never noticed that!
I'm not exactly sure what a "strap-line" is, but here's some advertising taglines/slogans I find personally despicable:

"Sanka...Everything You Love About Coffee" - Sanka
"The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup." - Folgers
I like everything about coffee except Sanka and I would never want to wake up to a Folgers.

"Have a break, have a Kit Kat".
If I have a break I won't be for a Kit Kat. Better a Snickers or a Lion.

"I'm lovin' it!" McDonald's (and before that: "Everytime a good time!")
McDonald's. Yuk. Period.

"In tests, eight out of ten owners said their cats preferred it." - Whiskas

"The happiest place on Earth" - Disneyland
Not always.

"Doctors Recommend Phillip Morris" - Phillip Morris tobacco
No they don't. My doctor prefers nobody to smoke

"There's no better way to fly" Lufthansa
Yes there is: Singapore Airlines.

"Mission: Erfrishen." - Punica.
That mission to refresh me won't be accomplished - I hate Punica!

"We report. You decide." - Fox News
Absolute BS.

"Where do you want to go today?" - Microsoft
To an Apple computer reseller
The stuff I dislike is when they try and sell you something based upon something that is a reason NOT to buy,

Bleedin' Coco Pops. "So Chocolatey* they turn the milk brown" or the reality "we cannot get the chocolate to stick on the rice crispies properly.

"Vax - Its Orange" - who wants a bloody bright orange vacuum cleaner? Madness

Another thing that I find dumb is Gillette razors. They bought out the Mach 3, with 3 blades, which were meant to be sooo much better, but now have an advert for the new 5 blade razor, where they effectively point out that the days of 3 blade razors were completely shit. Wangers.

"There's no better way to fly" Lufthansa
Yes there is: Singapore Airlines.
Well, flying Raffles class is top drawer, yes, but there is one seriously large flaw with Singpaore Airlines. Their hub is Singapore, meaning you have to go to Singapore. Nasty.

*not even a real word
Wohnst du noch oder lebst du schon?
Because you're worth it. The height of cynical bullshit.
Unser Bestes von Persil.
Does that mean that all the other types of Persil are shite, then? And what's with the joyous crowds all smiling and laughing because they're allowed to buy boxes of washing powder with pictures of red ribbons on them? There's something about the staging of that ad that reminds me of pompous state celebrations in Eastern bloc countries.
Hate it, hate it, hate it. Brrrrr.
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