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Where to get these done in Berlin

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place to buy temporary hair extensions (aka "a weave").. We need them for a photoshoot next month and have no clue where to look! Suggestions would be appreciated!
Are you looking for extensions for African hair, or...? If so, the best place to go is an African hair supply shop - I live in the Tiergarten/Moabit area and there are several in my neighborhood, and I know there are also a few sprinkled around nearer Wedding. Good luck!
hey, was also wondering if anyone could suggest a good place to get hair extensions in Berlin. The only hair dressers I've been to here is UNISEX at the main train station at Alexander Platz not only are they pretty expensive but my german is not very good and their english is almost non-existent! So any help would be appreciated.

Regarding a salon that offers hair extensions with personel that speaks English- Hair Affair in Kreuzberg has a woman working there who speaks English and they offer extensions too- they have a website:
Mama Shamone

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I can do professional hair extensions at a very cheap price. i apply tracks of human hair weave with bonding glue in the hair. Please let me know if you are interested by responding to my post.

Janet 48
If anyone Needs extensions ... from Clip ins, bondings, microrings or Hair weft in Human hair, virging or bulk hair or if you want your hair Chemically Relaxed, Weaved, cornrows, Braids or dreadlocks then you should go to Global Hair in Danziger str. 48 , 10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.
For more Information, check or call 0177 8375 400
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