Jobs teaching English in Berlin (TEFL)

Where to find work, schools to apply to, etc.

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moon unit
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to know what my chances are of getting a job teaching English in Berlin. I'm thinking of a move there in the Spring but have heard that it's one of the hardest cities to find work in?

I have a degree and an internationally recognised TEFL certificate.

Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated.
moon unit
How come so many people have viewed but no-one has replied?

If anyone has any advice, even any other websites that would be great. Although people with actual experience would be even better

Thanks in advance!
If you use the Search function to the top right of your screen you'll find lots of information and discussion regarding teaching jobs all over Germany.

I'd say that originally nobody replied because you posted at 1:53am and by the time most people had logged in, your post would have disappeared down the list. Some will view and not reply because they have no input to provide and perhaps others feel that a lot of the relevant ground has already been covered and don't want to have to input the same information over again.

Try these guys.

Also, Arenalingua are often looking for English trainers.
Purple Muffin
I am sorry the reason I did not reply was because I didn't see the thread as I only have time to read the Frankfurt ones.

The best places to start would be trying to get some freelance work at the bigger schools like Inlingua and Berlitz. Ok the pay there is not brilliant but I think once you are in you'll get to know a network of teachers who can give you tips on better schools to look for work at. Sometimes I think teaching English is all about the contacts you have.

good luck I am sure you'll find something soon.
moon unit

Thank you both for your replies. My apologies if I seemed rude

I didn't even think about doing a search but will do that now.

Thanks again..
There are definitely teaching jobs in Berlin. I work for Arenalingua and as someone mentioned above, they are generally always looking for teachers in Berlin. Here's the webpage: You can email me if you're interested and I'd be happy to give you the contact for hiring. Good luck!
Hello fellow English teachers,

I'm interested to apply to some of the local language schools and wonder if anyone has tips for where to start, where you work, places that might be hiring... I'd prefer to start either part-time or freelancing to see where it takes me.
I'm TEFL certified and fully legal here in Berlin, just looking for advice!

thanks for reading

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I'm interested to apply to some of the local language schools...
Before you do anything else, I think you should took a good look at your own linguistic capabilities. To judge by your grammar you're not a native speaker. That doesn't automatically rule you out, but if you make mistakes like the one above then don't be surprised if you find it hard going in the sector.

"Nichts für ungut..."

I think you should took a good look at your own linguistic capabilities.
Well that makes two of us.

So, in case my point failed to come across, I am interested in applying to language schools. If anyone would like to offer advice it is greatly appreciated. If anyone would like to discuss the fine points of grammar used on a chat forum, that's fine by me too. Ideally we're all here to help each other.

Just as a word of advice, Kakesi, TT is not just a "chat forum" but also the place where potential employers may be hanging out. Worth bearing in mind. I know a number of people who've been contacted directly for language positions as a result of how they've put themselves forward on the forum.
That's a good point Keydeck. I was thinking only of receiving advice from other teachers here, not of possible employment directly from TT.

Forgive me if I sound impatient having my grammar corrected by someone who mixes up their tenses. (of course, I realise I am the one looking for the teaching job and not Giles).
Hoist with my own petard, of course . Still, mine was a typo. Maybe yours was, too?

All the best,

Occupied Mexico
I am not TEFL-certified, nor am I perfect in grammar. However, I excel at creating dynamic English-learning situations for students such as simulations of business trips, awkward encounters in public places, developing a business from scratch, de-constructing philosophy and -- never mind that last bit. I can teach anywhere in Berlin and Brandenburg, have several years teaching in Prague and other English-related experience in writing and publishing in NYC and San Francisco, am quite experienced in the transport, environment and energy sectors and hope you will like my Californian accent.
Hi TT people, wonder if anybody can help me here.
I am a British citizen who das been living in Berlin Germany for many years. I speak fluent German, and have been working as a Sailing Surfing Instructor for a German sailing Assioation, teaching structured courses in English and German which include theoretical
and practical lessons.
I am now interested in becoming an English teacher in Berlin, and am wondering if anyone out there could provide me with information, about TEFL
courses/schools in Berlin,and does anybody know if they are supported by the German Employment Office (Arbeits Amt) as futher education.

Thanks in advance
Hey, I am back in Berlin, I was here for years studying with a visa and working illegally because it was hard to get company to sponsor me for a visa. I am american, with a BA in German, so with that plus my time here, I am fluent. I have worked as a tour guide so I have a good master of the city. I also went home to get tefl certified. Now i am looking to teach english to adults and am looking for help. Anyone have an good work experiences with schools. I need a company to give me a letter of intent. ANY hints? thanks guys!


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