English-language television in Germany

Options for satellite and cable TV etc.

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Hi everyone!

I just moved in to Zotzenbach (near Heppenheim) from Canada. Here in my host family we have satellite TV but the only English TV channels are CNN and BBC World.

Is there any way to get more?
This topic is summarised on another page here: English-language TV in Germany

Anyone know how to subcribe those English programmes like NBC? So I can watch the apprentice from Trump, Discovery, Bravo, VH1, etc.

Also discussed to death, but in a nutshell you need Sky TV - a special satellite system for English language broadcasts. You need equipment not normally available outside of UK, and a UK address (or someone to create a mailbox for you). It maybe you have UK friends who can help you out, or oyu need specialised advice and assistance. There's a monthly subscription too. See Bavaria Satellite for more information - they're in the business.


we just moved to Germany from Switzerland where we could push a button on our remote and watch english tv, so far we are unable to do this here. Besides a satelitte dish what are our options?

Thanks in advance
The only channel I believe you get on tinkers TV is BBC World on 161.25Mhz.

Otherwise you need a satellite.

Here is the place to look, sift through the discussions:

TT chat forum - Internet, telephone, and satellite TV
Thanks I'll look, anything besides cnn
Hello everyone,

I was wondering about American TV for my husband when we move back to Germany for good. He is used to all his shows here (survivor, apprentice, ncis, csi, yes dear, and of course college football and NFL, NBA and so on). Where would I have to go if I am not from the Munich area?

I come originally from the Oberfranken area (Bavaria). Is there a retailer in Franken from Bavarian Satellite? How much does everything cost if you have nothing so far - we use Dish Network here in the States. I just want him to have a little comfort in Germany once we get there. You all mentioned a UK addy if one decides to get Bav Sat. But what if I don`t know anyone from the UK? Can anyone help me with my questions? Thank you very much, hope to hear from someone soon.

Greetings from the States.
With the possible exception of North American Sports Network (which is simply syndicated US Sports content), there are no American Channels in Europe, but there is a lot of American content in the UK sourced channels that are available. There are lots of ways to get UK subscription channels without having a Uk address, but you usually pay more as a result. Did you consider to actually contact some of the many satellite TV suppliers that actually advertise around here to find out from the horses mouth what they offer? Look at "English language television" for more general information

Thank you for the info. Will check it out right away.
@YL6: last time I looked CNN, CNBC, FOX, FOX News, and a few other American channels were being transmitted on Sky. You just won't get the small regional channels over here. But some of the CATV/Satt channels are here.

@smiley75: You don't need to worry about the address in the UK. That's where the "middle man" comes into play. Check out German Sky they'll set you up with the decoder/decoder card. WARNING: It ain't cheap.
You just won't get the small regional channels over here
You may have been looking at the DOGs, but not the name or content. That's CNN-I (International), NBC-Europe and FX-UK, so not American channels, but Europeanised clones of their US namesakes. Fox News, I'll give you, but it's hardly mainstream US content.

As for others, well there's goodies such as Hollywood TV, Real Estate TV, The Poker Channel and The Wrestling Channel. Lot's of US content there of course, but nothing that will really float your boat, unless you are particularly sad...

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anybody knows about where i can get English satelite, I am a big NHL fan and i really want to have the hockey games here in my home, and not just one a week. It would also be nice to have some english movies as well. I know about premier but that doenst have a very big variety especially for the hockey. I have also heard about this Kabel Deutschland? Does anyone have any suggestions or can help? Thanks


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Uncle Jamal
To get NHL hockey you can subscribe to kabel deutschland and in particular the channel NASN that they carry. Check out the Kabel Deutschland website to check whether or not your building is hooked up.
I am planning on moving to Germany from the Czech Republic and unfortunately I cant take this wonderful Sky satelite box with me, are there any options for tv English TV in Germany other than your 10 basic cable channels of CNN Eurosport etc?

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