Watch what you wear during Fasching - Germany

Dressing up as a policeman is illegal

Full story, Spiegel online: Don't Dress as Cops, German Police Warn Revellers

The citizens of Cologne are proud of their reputation as Germany's most carnival-crazy, fun-loving people, but dressing up as a policeman is definitely verboten there, even during the festival, which is gathering steam ahead of its culmination in mid-February.
There have been raids on fetish bars in Germany as well for people wearing uniforms.
You can only do it in private premises, homes or private clubs.
This also applies to motorcycle cops leathers, ebay sellers are obliged by law to remove the Polizei labels.
I have no idea why I know this.
I once dressed like a cop at a private Fasching party. Seemed very popular with the men, seems they like the a woman in uniform.
This also applies to military uniforms, both German and foreign according to the report I read in a "local" publication.
I can understand if your costume is "genuine" but if it's obviously fake, there shouldn't be any issues. Same goes for military (even in movies). It is actually illegal to "dress up" in a proper military uniform. Aparently, even in the movies, there's always something off that classifies it as not in uniform. I could be talking out the side of my neck on that, actually, but that's what my sister told me and she was in the military.

This bloke was "obviously" fake but it was still illegal, becasue it was in public.
Not even a Sexy non-German cop? So you can't wear a short skirt, garter belt and stockings, cleavage bearing shirt (all in blue) and top it off with a badge that says 'fashion police'? Because that would break my heart.
Mine too *sob* I was planning on to dress up like a cop from the States, all in black and with handcuffs.
Now you can go as Dr. Ruth instead, or Dr. Laura if that is more your style.
Dr Ruth or Dr Laura? Eurovol now you have insulted me
Nah I wanna dress up as a police officer, arrest some men and do some full body searches during Fasching.
I wore a german Bundeswehr uniform with a mate at the gay pride in Munich and was warned in a gay bar by someone who was in the Bundeswehr to cover up the german flags on the uniform or I could get into bother. We ignored it and got no bother from police on Marienplatz Is it okay if you cover up the flags?
I'm sure it is, as then the uniform isn't a valid one... Hince the above posts..
Is it okay if you cover up the flags?
Yes it's perfectly fine, otherwise they wouldn't be sold at military surplus stores and the like. I've got a big german border police coat.
We ignored it and got no bother from police on Marienplatz
You were disapointed you didn't spend a night handcufffed in the cells like in that film...
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