British Airways excess baggage charges

They're cheaper than the costs for shipping

OK, so when I was at the airport in January, the lovely lady at the BA check in told me that to check in more than 23KG from the 1st February there would be a 30GBP charge. Although if you book before your flight then it is 24GBP.

Does anyone else know about this? Am I right in thinking that for each extra 24GBP I can fly/'ship' 23KG extra luggage? Which, having looked for shipping options seems quite cheap?

Or have I misunderstood something?

well..the change is from the 13th February...but apart from that you seem to have understood it pretty much correctly

"Excess baggage will be charged at a fixed fee per bag. The fixed fee is set according to whether the customer is travelling on a domestic (£30), shorthaul (£60) or longhaul (£120) flight."

Have a look at their simplified baggage policy here:
ooooh ok.

so it is actually 48GBP per bag. Damn. The lady told me 24GBP. That is VERY annoying, as it isn't as cheap now!

Who are the cheapest people to ship about 50KG to England? As google has a million options I can choose from
That €24 charge is for excess weight (>23kg and <32kg) per bag for your allotment. Additional baggage over your 2-piece allotment runs €30/€60/€120, plus another €24/bag if it's over 23kg.


I was flying last week when B.A. decided to surprize everyone with there new 1 bag per person policy, and the new lower weight limits.

People were furious. Many had left with two bags prior to this policy going into effect, and now were being charged outrageous fees to simply get their bags back.

So in economy you get one bag only up to 23 KG (down from 32).
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Their new rules are bizarre. For European flights, the weight allowance remains the same but you can only take one item of hold luggage. In other words, one 20kg bag is fine but two 10kg bags will cost you €90 for the second bag each way, thus usually making it cheaper to book a separate return flight to transport the second item of luggage than to pay the fee. This is grossly unfair on older people, who studiously observe the weight allowance but who find it easier to spread the weight over two items of luggage.

But here's the really bizarre thing. I'm flying with BA on my next trip to London because I want to bring my bike back with me. Since last November, Lufthansa have charged an additional €30 to transport bikes. Under the new BA rules, not only can I transport my bike free of charge, but I can transport it in addition to my 23kg weight allowance. So a little old lady with a couple of small bags will be charged €90, whilst I can hand in a huge suitcase and a mountain bike and not pay a penny. Whoever came up with these rules needs a good bash on the head.
the weight allowance remains the same but you can only take one item of hand luggage. In other words, one 20kg bag is fine but two 10kg bags will cost you €90
I don't quite understand your reference to hand luggage here
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Sorry, meant hold luggage, changed it now.
If you don't like this BA system, don't accept it. Fly other airlines, copy your boarding passes, and send them to BA with a letter explaining why you chose a different carrier. Just sending letters of complaint interests them very little (and e-mail not at all). It's another matter when you can show them their direct, material losses from such policies.

actually I plan to do something just like that.
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