English manuals for Siemens washing machines - Germany

And tips on getting a machine to work properly

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got home a siemens "wash+fit" model washing machine and it worked once, when i kept the knob to "start" and pressed the "ein/aus" button on.
now after a week, when i wanted to use it, it is not working. so, i dont think of any problems due to shifting etc.

i tried to change diff.settings, checked whether it is taking time for heating etc...no way to get it working. the friend who gave it to me is moved and he said a way out before calling expensive service technicians would be to get an english manual. i searched in the net, but to no avail. my friend says it would be some setting issue, as he is convinced of this siemens equipment.

also, another colleague cited a similar case that his washing machine worked once and then stopped working.later he got its manual and had to do some settings (which he couldn't recollect!) to get it working again!

can any of you help getting me the english manual for this siemens model?
or any leads to what would make this problem after working properly the first time?

thanks in advance.
Do you have a model number?
Hello all the manuals are on the Siemens website - do you have any more details is there a code (numbers or letters) on the machine?
"wash+fit" is the only thing written other than siemens, on the wash machine other than instructions on top of knobs/push buttons.

as of now, i could find only the "wash+fit" and siemens as model names, in the front side of the wasch-machine.

thanks in advance for your help.
They're new disposable washing machines. They only work once.

Now you can throw it away and buy a new one.
I believe the model code is: WM6127WEU01

Can't find a manual other than the installation instructions.
The Siemens Family Line will be able to assist you

Telefonisch (Montag bis Freitag; 08:00 bis 18:00 Uhr):

Siemens-Family-Line für Hausgeräte:
01805-2223 (0,14 EUR/Min. aus dem Festnetz der T-Com.)
Kleine Hausgeräte und Staubsauger:
01805-547436 (0,14 EUR/Min. aus dem Festnetz der T-Com.)
Sure.Will try this number for getting any english manuals.

Thank you all who had tried to help.
Please consider this query closed.
I just bought a brand new Whirl Pool washer.. Model AWE4516. I thought it would be easy to find an English Manual..It's not. The US doesn't make them, so the Model Number won't show up in a search. I can find the model in the German search, but cant'd figure out where to click to get the English version of the manual. I'm looking for "pdf" and "englisch" but haven't had any luck. Can anyone help?
From the whirlpool-homepage:
For immediate assistance please call: 0870 600 8989 for brochures or technical assistance.
You can find most Siemens/Bosch manuals from Siemens Home Appliances Customer Services

Click on Instruction Manual and then Go to Link

You should be able to find most manuals (in several languages) here but you should use the E-Number (not the model) - explanation to find this is on the the link above.

I did have some trouble find English manuals for my Siemens fridge but found English manuals for my other Siemens appliances.
Although for my oven I could not find the correct E-number, so had to check a few pdfs before I found the correct one.

EDIT: Sorry read the title but did not read the thread completely...Whirlpool is not Siemens.

Just bought a washer/dryer combo from Siemens and while most of it is pretty straightforward, would love to try and find a way to either download or purchase an English version of the operating manual. I have tried to find this online and haven't been very successful. Have any of you tried to do this and found an easy option?
Eventually I will learn to read German but until then would like to know that I am not completely screwing up the thing by missing "an important tip" in the manual!

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Did you try going to the UK Siemens website? Try here to download an English manual for your machine.
Yes...I'm in there right now trying to navigate the thing (although tried your link also but it didn't work so not sure if we are in the same place). Got a very helpful looking link in FAQ's:

But when I click on the Siemen's link, I get goose-egged:

However, the first link might be helpful for others looking for English manuals for some of the other companies listed - that is if they managed a little more effort into their page than the one I clicked into...

Thanks for your help though!

Hey, don't feel bad! I bet it took a while for everyone else to figure the stupid machine!

I am relatively a newbie to Munich and I can't figure out the washer or oven. I found one setting for each and that is all I ever use!

It is pitful! Thanks for the post.
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