Austrian motorway vignettes - Munich

Where to buy them in Munich

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In an effort to save a few minutes on our way to Italy tonight, I want to buy an Austrian vignette before we head off. Anyone know of somewhere that sells them in the center of town? I don't know if any gas stations around the center do or not, so I'm hoping someone else out there will have a clue.
maybe the ADAC shop by SendlingorTor???

the Aral Tankstelle on the Richard Strauss Strasse sells them (or at least it did)

so too will most Tankstellen on the Mittlere Ring, I would have thought, especially the closer you get to A8
Yeah, but I want the center of town, where I am now. Maybe I'll give the ADAC shop a call. Thanks for the tip Pootle.
Okay, all ADAC numbers are permanently busy. Any other ideas?
just spend the 46.88 seconds it takes to to stop at any gas station along the A8 to buy one. you just spent 20 minutes on the forum and on the phone didn't you?
Yes, but I have nothing better to do now. On my way to Italy we have lots of better things to do, like get there!
I was just at the ADAC at Sendlingor Tor - absolutely insane. Don't even bother I tell you. I'll be stopping then tomorrow AM... have a great weekend everyone!
Theres also an ADAC shop by Ostbahnhof

You're driving to Italy this weekend??? Good luck!!!
I have just asked a Colleague. The ADAC in town defintely does sell them.
Starting 1 April 2007 the vignette will no longer be available at gas stations (garages) in the vicinity of Munich. Asfinag, the distributor, is sizing down its vending system and will only supply gas stations along the Autobahn and within a 20-km-zone of the Austrian border with the vignettes.
Gas station owners are clearly upset about this decision. The owner of a gas station in Oberhaching had a turnover of €6000 to €8000 per month of which she kept 3% - plus whatever else Austria-bound skiers stacked up on in her store. "Losing the vignette is costing us one of the legs our gas station stands on", says Evelyn Geisbauer.

Die Autobahn-Service-Gesellschaft Asfinag, die seit 1997 Maut auf allen österreichischen Autobahnen und Schnellstraßen - mit Ausnahme der Sondermautstrecken - kassiert, hat das Vertriebsnetz verkleinert. Die Vignette ist nurmehr an Autobahn-Tankstellen und an so genannten grenznahen Tankstellen im Umkreis von 20 Kilometern zu Österreich erhältlich.
Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 23.March.2007, local section München-Nord, online
In other words the Austrians are trying all they can to give that 3% to Austrian vendors.
As Fuel is approaching 30% cheaper in Austria anyway, it makes sense to stop when you get over the border for both!
Vignettes are usually available at the OMV stations as they are Austrian.
Does the above mentioned cancellation include those?

If not, find an OMV station for your vignette.
Vignettes (amongst others) can be ordered online from ADAC if you're a member. Postage is 77 cents.
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