Sinus 154 DSL Basic - wireless router - Germany

English-language usage instructions and advice

Is there anyone out there who fully understands the working of this box?
I have used mine for the last two years but have only used it in its simpliest state ie defaults.
I am at a loss when I try to figure out what all the options are in relation to the security.
I want to know because for example I am trying to set up some file sharing SW that requires that I give it a clear run through my protection systems.
It flags up the message ' are behind a NAT router or firewall, and are unable to recieve connections from the Internet...'
I therefore need to know how I can configure the Sinus to let a specified Port be accessed.
So can anyone help or give me some pointers please?
I know it's way too late to help our gregca, however, I have a question about this particular router as well...since I don't speak German.

OK, the router and modem work fine, I forwarded the ports I needed to forward and have never really had any problems, but recently I've started to wonder.

I have m-net, supposedly a 16mbit connection. Here's some speed tests results:

Originally I got the Sinus 154 DSL Basic modem from Telecom for my 1Mbit connection out in Seefeld. Can this modem reach 16mbit theorhetically? ...I'm saying is it the modem or m-net that I should blame first?

I understand I won't get the full 16mbit, but how about 10?
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