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miss blue
Does anyone know where I can get Baking Soda? And Baking Powder? Here they just seem to have the Backpulver packets, which mix both substances in some unknown proportion. This is useless with American recipes, which give amounts for each in vary proportion.
If anyone knows, I would be eternally grateful.
Baking powder / Baking soda for lots of talk about baking soda and baking powder. Baking soda is "Natron" in German, and you can get it at most drugstores, pharmacies and lots of grocery shops. For baking powder, I've always used Backpulver with no problems.
Oh yes, "Natron"! That's right... Totally forgot about that.
The most common baking soda is "Kaiser Natron" and it is usually sold in white and green packets where all the baking stuff is. It is just an envelope, so you have to keep your eyes peeled.
mr. Rent
But who knows where to get a regular boxlike Baking Soda, like a box of Arm & Hammer. I'm tired of these

little pack things.
I've bought Arm & Hammer in a box in KDW top floor and I think Kaufhof has it as well - in the US food section . Quite expensive for anything other than baking! The only Kaiser Natron I could find here was in tablet form ... they have powder too? I use the Baking Powder packets without any problems, just measure out what I need for the recipe.
mr. Rent
Thanks, but good old fashioned Arm& Hammer boxes are also good
foe a clean and fresh smelling fridge, that's why those packs are just sh... Thanks
Yes, I used bicarbonate of soda for various things around the house, until I came to Germany. I still shake it on carpets every other week before vacuuming but I hear it can be mixed with corn starch for the same effect. I do miss getting self-raising flour here though, I usually just add one of those 7g packets to 400g flour for muffins and it works well enough. Never tried doing that for cakes! Someone told me that in Germany they call it instant flour but never found it in any supermarket - anyone tried it? What's it actually called?
miss blue
Found Arm & Hammer at KDW today. (I did not find it at Kaufhof.) Now if only I can get someone to send some non-aluminum baking soda, I'll be in business. Thanks for all of the suggestions!
You can get baking powder everywhere, but you just have to remember that it's a little different. Make your recipe as normal, but instead of putting in the amount called for in the recipe, follow the directions on the back of the baking powder package. It's 1 package per 500g flour (I think that's around 2 cups.) I spent about 8 months having things not rise properly for this reason. Same goes for the Back Natron (soda.)
You can also sometimes get normal arm&hammer baking soda in the American section of Karstadt and other department stores. It's about 2 Euro but well worth it.
richard weaver
found my baking soda in the idian shop at bundesplatz guy speaks english as well and is really helpfull also good for catering packs of pg tips and other stuff ie marmite not cheap but okay prices

heres the website
I find baking soda at REAL and KAUFLAND in 200g boxes. It is Dr. Oetker brand HAUS NATRON and seems to work fine.
I have bought Arm and Hammer at Karstadt and Walmart in the past. Once upon a time, I found an extra big box in some Asian grocery, but for the life of me I can't remember which one. Possibly the shop on Alexanderplatz?

I use this stuff for everything (cleaning, in the bath, etc) so it is really frustrating to have to continually buy the tiny boxes.
how about hydrogen peroxide in a bottle (not a packet)?

I really miss gallons of whole milk for $2.50
A milk drinker could easily go broke here.
Most Apothekes will mix a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for you. I don't remember it costing much.
For baking soda, baking powder, cream of tartar and all that stuff, there's a British store on Körtestr. at Südstern in X'berg. They have all that stuff, much cheaper than KaDeWe. I can't remember the name of the store, but there's a British flag hanging outside, can't miss it.
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