Price of electricity per kWh in Germany

...and prices of gas per cubic meter

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So here I am, newly moved to Germany. Currently just wondering how much does it cost here per 1 kWh of electricity and 1 meter cubic of gas? Have been asking around but apparently nobody does, or I just haven't found the right person here

Well, thanks in advance for any help and answers =) Happy weekend
It's usually stated on your bill. Contact your supplier as they all have different rates.
I see

Anyone kind enough to have a glimpse at their bill and divide it by numbers of kWh to give me a rough figure? Because she gave me a flat rate of NK which will be refunded by next year, if I use it less than what I pay for it. So trying to figure out whether I have been using too much electricity or not
If you put your expected usage and your postcode into one of the online comparators like this one, you should be able to see the sort of prices your local companies are charging.

Editor Bob
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You are buying electricity seperately from the electricity supplier SWM or as part of your rental contract in the "warm" section?
Thanks for the replies guys ^^

it's part of the rental in warm condition, so that if I use more than what's worth for 90 Euros per month, I'll have to pay for the excess, whereas if I'm using less, the difference would be reimbursed to me by the end of the year.
.16 cents per KwH E-on
i don't have my bill in front of me, but just throwing this out there. i moved into my 53 sqm flat in Sept 2007 and for those 4 months, I have a supplemental payment of about 250 Euro! included in that price is electricity (which was at a minimum) and gas (which was a lot). i also have 70 Euro NK as part of my rent.
i have a boiler for hot water, which is hooked up to the heating units, but it's a super-duper new fancy model and there is a timer for the heating (which i have programmed to heat between 6.30-8.30 and 19.30-23.00 and from 8.30-24.00 on Sa & Su). on each of the heating units there is a thermostat. did i make the mistake of leaving them all on at the minimum (1)? should i put them all on the little snowflake symbol and then only crank them up when i want it warm? in the bathroom i always had it on 3 because i like the bathroom warm when i go to take a shower, assuming that during the day the heating is off. am i misunderstanding the concept here?

in any case, my monthly bill went up 25% from 59 Euro to 78 Euro! that is ridiculous and if next year they send me a bill for 1000 Euro supplementary costs, I'll be broke!
it's me complaining again. they raised my monthly gas payment again from 56 to 70 Euro, another increase of 12% because of increasing natural gas prices. now I have a monthly gas + electricity bill of 92 Euro. I called MVV Energie and they said my bill is on par with my use.

What do you guys pay? I thought I had a great deal by living in Mannheim, but maybe it's not so good after all now that rent + NK + utilities now top off at 590 Euro a month for 53 sqm.

Do y'all know of alternative gas providers or is it simply not worth it to switch?
For checking alternative energy/gas providers, is the best place to look. We're on (different) alternative providers for both - the switch was easy enough (although took a bit longer than hoped for the electricity) and the amount saved makes it worthwhile imho. As for which provider, it depends on your usage, location and preferences so just use the online comparison sites.
MVV is raising their prices from October on, to adjust to raising supplier prices - after keeping the price constant for 2 years now. That hike is 27% - is that what they're on about maybe?
They're actually late with their raise compared to competitors btw.

And 590 for 53 sq m is still cheap, for the Rhine-Neckar region anyway. Unless you want to live somewhere in the bowels of Ludwigshafen, or somewhere 5 km away from the next public transport of any kind.
We've just moved to Germany and signed up with the previous occupier's electricity provider, e-on.
They've sent us a bill for euro 50 a month, to be paid by direct debit.
That's 600 euro a year! Nothing even approaching the equivalent we paid in the UK. There's only the two of us, and we are particularly energy conscious. Does anyone know, will there be a chance to renegotiate the bill, or get a rebate, when we have developed a history of actual electricity consumption?
Goodness knows what the gas and water companies will try and charge us.
50 a month seems OK. Tarifs are public and they HAVE to on a monthly plan that menas you shouldn't get a big bill at the end of the year.
Owain Glyndwr
Does anyone know, will there be a chance to renegotiate the bill, or get a rebate, when we have developed a history of actual electricity consumption?
the 50 a month isn't a bill, just a monthly payment. You still get a bill at the end of the year which shows your actual consumption versus how much you've paid over the 12 months. Any under or over charge is then detailed and either credited or debited accordingly. If the monthly payments mean the difference at the end of the year is quite large they will also suggest adjusting the monthly payments accordingly.
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