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Conversions between German and U.S., UK, etc.

I need to buy two dresses for kids in the US but all I know is their 'German' sizes... one is 4 years old and a size 110 and the other is 8 or 9 and is a size 140. I've seen some charts with conversions, but according ot them 110 is actually for a 5 year old and the 140 for a 10 yr old? Does anyone know how accurate these are? Thanks!
I'd say the centimeter sizes are much more accurate, if the person who gave them to you really knows what they are.

To size children's clothing by age, as they do in the US, is silly - kids are so much different in size, even at the same age. It also makes the parents feel strangely proud if the kid is bigger than his/her "size age" and inadequate if the kid is smaller than the size age.

Can you take along a tape measure and take a measurement of the clothes in the US before you buy them?
I was actually just going to order the dresses online. I will probably just go with the european sizes their mothers told me and ignore the 'age' sizes
well my daughter wears a 110 in Europe or a size 4 years in US, so these sizes are comparable. But note that this varies by brand/store in the US, and that kids are not all the same shape. With kids, I always round up a size to be safe.
American to German Clothing Size Conversion, Specifically children's t-shirts

German size = 152 and 164

If anyone can just link me a decent site that doesn't also have spyware, I'd be grateful.


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152 and 164 are aimed 12 and 14 year olds respectively here.

Here's one of the many, many, many, many sites which come up under a basic Google search.
If you are not familiar with how the actaul brand fits (runs big, wide, short...whatever...) then check their site or contact them for actual measurements - most online shops (Gap, Landsend for example) have sizing charts with measurements which are useful for making a blind purchase...I've bought some things online to have 'waiting' for me when we travel to see the family but have been disappointed with the age sizing - too bad they do not have a more honest form of 'confectionary sizing' as they have in Europe.
Can anyone help me with comparisons between Next direct and the German sizes? Does it run big? daughter is small, but I only know certain stores here, she ranges between 80-86. Mostly leaning towards 86 but some brands that size is huge on her! I have some american stuff that is 18 months, while the shirts fit fine she is drowning in the pants. Sometimes just to long or other times the waist is way too big.

So I am looking at some Next clothing, but I am stuck between sizes as she is for the most part 86...ok with a full belly. 12-18 months is 80-86, more like 80 or more like 86? Shirts big or small? Pants how are the waists? 18-24 months, same questions? more like 86 or 92?

I hate theses size differences but I like the clothes they have and I have 10€ hey...why not?
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